Progressive Education Encourages Collaboration among Students: Binod Regmi


Binod Regmi, who has a long experience of working in the health sector, is the Principal at Herald Secondary School and Herald International College. The School and College have encouraged children to treat others with respect and to value the skills and talents they have.

Mr. Regmi believes in better parent education to make progressive education a success. With College Readers, he discussed his perspectives on progressive education. Excerpts:

You are advocating progressive education in its true spirit. How would you love to define progressive education?

Progressive education is a method of identifying and cultivating knowledge and skills through appropriate learning environment. It can be characterized by a variety of approaches, such as project-based learning, learning by doing, and digital learning. The aim of progressive education is to provide students with a practical and realistic understanding of the world around them. By assessing the students’ potential and adapting teaching methods to suit their individual interests and abilities, progressive education creates a two-way learning experience that actively engages both teachers and pupils. This approach emphasizes practical and hands-on learning with a focus on active participation and cooperation, rather than rote memorization and passive learning.

How do students get thoroughly engaged in progressive education?

Children come from diverse genetic and cultural backgrounds. Their behaviors and outlook on life are largely influenced by their surroundings at home, which includes even the simplest activities such as sitting down or eating. Kids are able to develop skills and gain experiences through activities they are interested in. Moreover, progressive education can be achieved when the mind is free from mental stress. In simpler terms, a child’s behavior and intelligence are shaped by their environment at home and parents can positively influence them by creating a supportive and encouraging atmosphere that promotes learning and development.   

What is the role of parents in progressive education?

Parents play a crucial role in their children’s education. In order to support their children’s academic and emotional growth, parents should make an effort to build strong relationship with them and understand their feelings. This is especially important during critical developmental stages, where children may face predicaments when they have to make important decisions about their academic and professional futures.

Unfortunately, in some places like Nepal, lack of adequate parental involvement can make it difficult for schools to offer a high-quality education. This emphasizes the necessity for parents to actively participate in their kids’ education and assist them in reaching their objectives. Parents may help make sure that their children receive the finest education possible and are ready for success in the future by collaborating closely with schools and educators.

 Education used to be thought of as the primary means of acquiring and passing on knowledge. But education today has been redefined as an acculturating process that must include the knowledge of technique, attitude, invention, and application. To what extent have you implemented these attributes at your institute?

A barrier to adopting a fully progressive method in a school is that the educational strategy being employed is a blend of traditional and progressive approaches, but the parents’ perspective is still more traditional. With technological improvements, the educational system is changing swiftly, and pedagogical methods are changing along with it. However, it appears that the modern strategies being tried now and the conventional systems we had in the past are quite dissimilar from one another. There still is a long way to go before the pinnacle of progressive education is achieved. The education system in Nepal has a history of traditional teaching methods endorsed by many parents even today. As a result, it is challenging to bring about a complete shift towards a more progressive approach. Despite the difficulties, the educational institutions are working hard to incorporate modern teaching techniques and prepare their students for the rapidly changing world.

How much are our students, who receive progressive education, benefitted globally?

Here, we can know the advantages of modern education and see for ourselves how it can make pupils more competitive in the world. Students can develop critical thinking, creativity, and communication besides having deeper comprehension of subjects by adopting contemporary teaching methods. Additionally, this strategy strives to give kids life skills that will enable them to prosper in future. Progressive education encourages collaboration among students, which can lead to a better learning experience. When students work together, they can share ideas, learn from each other, and develop teamwork skills. This is important because in today’s world, success often depends on an individual’s ability to work effectively with others. Overall, the goal of progressive education is to provide students with comprehensive education that not only focuses on academic achievements but also helps them develop important life skills that are necessary for success in the 21st century. By adopting this approach, students can become more confident and capable, and better prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Why should a student choose Herald School over others?

According to this approach, the pupils’ perception of the value of education is critical in achieving success in education. The statement implies that though we teach our students virtues and rules, many of them lack morals. Therefore, value-based education is essential to instill moral values and help students become responsible citizens. Herald is the finest site for value-based education. The college’s commitments offer a variety of activities and programs, including seminars, assemblies, and conferences. The college is actively engaged in providing students with an all-round education that goes beyond the classrooms.


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