Kantipur HISSAN Edufair takeoff on the 32nd Jestha


The four day expo of Kantipur HISSAN Edufair is all set to launch from 32nd Jestha to 3rd Asar 2080 in the Bhrikuti Mandap exhibition hall, Kathmandu. The organizer, Higher Institutions and Secondary Schools’ Association of Nepal (HISSAN) has announced that Kantipur HISSAN Edufair will provide various information to students regarding subjects, courses, curriculum, educational institutions, admissions, fees, scholarships, and many more. The eighth edition of the educational fair, known as “Kantipur HISSAN Edufair,” will take place at Bhrikuti Mandap in Kathmandu on 32nd Jestha 2080 and continue till 3rd Asar 2080. Mahesh Swar, CEO of Kantipur Publications and Ramesh Kumar Silwal, President of HISSAN has signed the memorandum of understanding (MoU) regarding the operation of the education fair.

CEO Swar mentioned that the fair has been organized to provide students with the opportunity to gather a wide range of educational information by bringing together a large number of students during the four-day event. Chairman Silwal expressed that the fair will enable students and parents to obtain information about more than a hundred educational institutions from a single platform.

The President Silwal mentioned that the educational fair is being organized with the slogan “Quality Education in Nepal.” He added that despite the presence of educational institutions in Nepal, students are compelled to go abroad for further studies due to the lack of sufficient information about them. He stated that the fair aims at facilitating interaction between students and teachers, providing right information to enroll in grade XI and bachelor’s level, and the educational institutions exist in Nepal, what subjects are taught, and what the curriculum is like.

The fair coordinator Tankaraj Acharya provided information about the initiation of organizing a large-scale educational fair by increasing the participation of young students. He stated, “The fair has been organized to provide accurate and truthful information about the quality and excellent education provided by educational institutions operating in Nepal. Students and parents will be able to enter the fair free of charge and gather information about educational institutions, subjects, teaching methods, and various other topics.”

The organizer has mentioned that they have prepared for the participation of thousands of students daily in the fair. They have also stated that students can gather information about educational institutions ranging from schools to colleges and universities directly from the fair. Yuvraj Sharma, Senior President of HISSAN informed that students attending the fair will have the opportunity to receive counseling from teachers of those educational institutions and interact with students studying in those institutions.

To make the fair more appealing to students, additional activities such as extracurricular activities, sports, competitions, and talent shows will be organized.

The organizer has mentioned that more than two hundred thousand students have participated in the fair. My Second Teacher is the title sponsor of the fair. Sulav Budhathoki, the Founder of My Second Teacher, expressed enthusiasm for promoting domestic education through the fair.


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