Pertinent Curriculum and Pedagogies Are Essential for Academic Excellence


Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute (SVI) is a leading educational institution located in Panauti, Kavre district of Nepal. Established in 2044 BS, the Institute has been running classes from kindergarten to plus-two level.

Narayan Niroula is the Principal at Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute, Panauti. His mission is to provide quality education that empowers students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become socially responsible leaders in their communities. Mr. Niroula shares his views with College Readers. Excerpts:

You have a long experience in the teaching field. What are the parameters of quality education?

The parameters of quality education may vary depending on the context and goals of the education system. However, some common parameters that are often used to evaluate the quality of education include access, equity, curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, learning environment, teacher quality, and resources.

The qualifications, training, and professional development of teachers are crucial for ensuring that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide high-quality education.

Quality education should be aimed at providing students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world and to become productive and engaged members of their communities.

What should parents consider while choosing a school for their children?

Choosing the right school for a child can be a daunting task, but there are several key factors that parents should consider before making a decision. Here are some important considerations:

Parents should research on the academic reputation of the school and the quality of its teachers, curriculum, and academic programs. Look for schools that have a strong track record of academic achievement and success.

Parents should look for schools that offer a wide range of extracurricular activities such as sports, music, art, and community services. These activities can help students develop social and leadership skills, and build up a well-rounded personality.

The class size and student-to-teacher ratio can have a significant impact on the quality of education. Smaller class sizes and lower student-to-teacher ratios can allow for more personalized attention and support for students.

Parents should consider the quality and condition of the school’s facilities, including classrooms, libraries, labs, and playgrounds. Look for schools that have modern and well-equipped facilities.

Finally, parents should consider the cost of tuition fees and the school’s location. Look for schools that are affordable and convenient, and are located in safe and accessible areas.

Generally, parents should take time to research and visit multiple schools, talk to other parents and students, and carefully evaluate each option before making a decision.

What are the distinct features of Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute?

We are different from others in many aspects, such as methodology of teaching, usage of classroom technology and teaching and learning tutorials. We encourage our students to engage more in search-orientated activities and hands-on experience rather than just listening and forgetting. Moreover, we encourage them to become independent learners. They perform their tasks without others’ help; this makes them think independently. Furthermore, we have started a program called “Thinking Space” which not only prepares them to understand our culture better but also boosts their capacity to contribute their skills to the society and country. In fact, we are producing nation builders in Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute.

Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute Panauti has adopted a pertinent curriculum and pedagogies of global academic advancements to serve the needs of its students. In this regard, we offer our students unique academic facilities. Hotel visit and practical for HM students, Computer Live Lab, National Cadet Corps (NCC) Training, Free PTE and IELTS Preparation for 60 days, Public Service Commission Preparation Consultation and Career Counseling to enter the Nepal Army are some of our unique programs for the students.

What’s your final remark about your institute?

Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute, Panauti accredits its phenomenal success to its efficient team of teachers and managers. We work in team. Our team consists of the best professionals educated nationally and internationally. Our institution has been backed up by a good board of directors. We believe in practical education rather than theoretical. Our education helps our students expose their talents so that they build up a solid and strong foundation of confidence to write their own destiny. Our students are the masters of their lives able to rewrite their sub-conscious mind by their interest of current consciousness, relinquishing superstitious and traditional beliefs and systems.

Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute is a dynamic and forward-thinking institution committed to providing quality education and preparing its students to become leaders in their fields and communities.  


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