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Arun Bhandari, the CEO of Everest Engineering College, is an academic entrepreneur. He is Secretary to OPEN too. Mr. Bhandari shares his view on the present status of engineering education and the contributions of Pokhara University and its affiliated colleges to the academic sphere in Nepal. Excerpts:

How do you evaluate the engineering programs designed and offered by Pokhara University? Is it globally competitive? 

The products of Pokhara University are globally competitive. The products of PU have been undertaking their competitive performance in both national and international organizations together with the engineers produced from renowned foreign universities. Besides, our products have achieved full and partial scholarships for their higher studies. The course is updated and timely revised analyzing the demand of the global market. Our teaching pedagogies consist of modern and advanced problem-solving approaches. 

Comparing the Engineering program with the Management and Health Science of Pokhara University, the pass out rate of students of this program is just 20%. In your opinion, what could be the reasons behind low pass out rate in Engineering program? 

In my analysis, the main reason is the mediocre foundation of basic and high school level education. The evaluation system is not scientific that just focuses on knowledge and accrued information by an individual learner. The continuous evaluation is lacking and the question pattern is not relevant. Besides, quality human resources are not sufficiently deployed in the teaching field. Therefore, most high achievers tend to go to foreign swathes for their higher studies because of their reluctance to enroll in a Nepalese college. 

However, our current achievement ratio is exciting in comparison to past struggles. Still, we have to improve our existing pedagogies, evaluation system and deployment of human resources in order to establish the education sector as a prestigious learning center. The ICT human resources prefer industrial sector to education arena due to adequate opportunities and high remunerations. In this regard, our education sector should be improved envisioning its lasting impacts on learners since education is such a sector that creates other sectors for exuberant opportunities. 

How are the job prospects of engineering education of Nepal? 

Pokhara University does not have a general IT course rather it resembles the attributes and benchmarks of engineering. The University offers Bachelor of Engineering as an information technology course which is not only an academic degree also a practical field of knowledge. The prospects of IT engineering are high and acclaimed, thus making IT engineers more demandable and more certain for their career achievements. The national and international IT companies require such human resources. 

A huge number of students after completing ten-plus-two education or dropping the ongoing engineering course prefer going to foreign lands with various purposes. Aren’t our teaching mechanisms and syllabi convincing that make them stay in their native country and complete their bachelor and master’s levels? If they are convincing, what are other factors that have triggered this trend which has completely made adverse effects on country’s economy?  

Mediocre mechanisms of the government is the main reason for this predicament which has stricken the country’s economy in the long run. Since the government does not show any concern about IT projects that require more IT engineers and deployment of the existing IT engineers in a scientific way, most IT engineers are compelled to seek for opportunities in foreign swathes. As a result, most engineers who complete their graduation and become successful in getting a satisfying employment opportunity in foreign lands will never think of returning to their native land. Most graduands grab job opportunities while studying as well. 

However, the latest revised curriculum has ensured mandatory internship with minimum pay that has rekindled the hope of most educationists. This mechanism has been able to draw the attention of youths to learn and earn in Nepal. In addition, such internship facility enables students to show their ameliorated performance in their workplace. This connection should be strengthened by both government and private sector. In this regard, the government should allocate a promissory budget for research and internship.

Why should students choose Everest Engineering College for BE Civil, BE Computer and BE IT courses? 

Everest Engineering College has some unique features that distinguish it from its contemporaries. First, the college has recruited competent and highly experienced faculty members who continue their teaching with frequent professional development training and workshops. Second, our IT lab and ICT sphere is modern and advanced which enables students to actively engage in practical-based learning. We connect our students with job market which is possible through our pre-agreements with various industries and companies.

We have managed to establish cutting-edge labs in civil and computer engineering for research which will eventually help our learners to receive internship privileges upon their graduation. Moreover, our library incorporates stacks of books which allow our students to expand their horizon of knowledge. Our separate journal section enriches our students with effective research articles published by them and their peers. 


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