Uniglobe succeeds in equipping its graduands with effective managerial finesses making lasting impacts on their career pursuits


Dr. Nar Bahadur Bista, the Principal of Uniglobe College, is the Vice President of OPEN. Dr. Bista is always active and supportive of Pokhara University for better performance and plays a vigorous role in strengthening the status quo of PU affiliated colleges. With the competent leadership skills of Dr. Bista, Uniglobe College has tailored its acclamation in management education in Nepal in a short span of time. Excerpts:

Uniglobe College has retained more than one decade journey of education excellence. How do you assess the attainments the college has made so far?

Uniglobe College is a top-notch institution for management education in Nepal. It has been successful in demonstrating the best results both in bachelor and master’s levels and has been enlisted in the dean list as an outstanding institution. Similarly, nine students have won gold medals from PU. Similarly, none of our graduates are unemployed. This encomium is bolstered by our major focus areas, such as practical and research-based education in consolidation with professional development. Our students must conduct research and publish its findings in the Journal. In addition, they should deliver presentation at international conferences, which inculcates their performance level and strengthens their research skills. In this regard, we claim that Uniglobe College is one of the top management colleges in Nepal. 

It is believed that the existing curricula of Pokhara University are of international gold standard. How do you acknowledge the performance of your college graduates in the global settings?

It is obvious that the curriculum of PU is of American standard. The four-year semester and trimester system education is internationally acclaimed program which has been implemented by Pokhara University; however, we should perform exceptional delivery of the pedagogy. Uniglobe College has implemented the curriculum designed by the University perfectly and uniquely. 

Needless to say, we focus on research-oriented teaching and learning and enable our graduands to showcase their presentation skills at international conferences which we often organize. This sort of event enriches our students’ exposure in global settings. Moreover, we organize soft skill development and personality development programs, such as computer training and professional development training which develop their professional skills and work efficiency bequeathing each of them a phenomenal opportunity to embrace either a lucrative job or entrepreneurship. 

Although Uniglobe College has been imparting internationally acclaimed education, do you think it has not been able to convey such a message to prospective students and parents?

Exactly, Uniglobe College has been delivering internationally acclaimed education but could not deliver such a message to a large number of prospective beneficiaries. In fact, very few colleges are in top ranking, many of which cannot maintain the minimum standard of quality in education delivery. So, those students wishing to go to a foreign swathe are with a reason of getting a job opportunity rather than quality education. In addition, today’s youths have more expectations out of what they do, so they are in quest for modern amenities which they can avail in a foreign country that has resulted in witnessing a massive number of students at the airport who are ultimately likely to become expatriates in a foreign land. So, in order to curb this predicament, students should be given nationalism and patriotism feelings from the school level along with the establishment of mechanisms from the government that would persuade them to stay in their native country.

You have asserted that most ten-plus-two graduates confirm their enrolments in foreign universities which is driven by the motive of getting life-changing opportunities in foreign swathes. In your perspectives, what could be the role of government, the University and an individual college that would curb this predicament, create more job opportunities and persuade those unstable youths to pursue their higher studies in their native land?

The government should introduce some effective mechanisms for the development of entrepreneurship along with advanced pedagogy. Some effective mechanisms incorporate confirmed internships, financial assistance for entrepreneurship, personal development training and opportunities for working in projects of national glory. Similarly, the University should ensure conducting exams on time and publishing results within a short period of time so that students would not dillydally during the transitional period of completing exams and waiting for results. In addition, our education should abstain from political influence and interferences. Another important step the government should take is to give approval of NOC only for pursuing a specific subject in a foreign country. 

Similarly, each educational institution should focus on career-oriented education which would eventually help our graduates to either create employment opportunities or embrace entrepreneurship. We all should be aware of the declination in the population of youths due to increasing trend of going to foreign lands in pursuit of jobs and education. Undoubtedly, Nepal’s education is of international standard which can ensure a sophisticated lifestyle in their native land that each Nepalese youth is seeking in a foreign land.

Since you are the Vice President of OPEN, in your opinion, what mechanisms should be made to strengthen the PU affiliated colleges to ensure their better performance?

The University should consider each of its affiliated colleges a member and companion and should embark on solving their problems before they become excruciating.

Most Nepalese universities are victims of frequent padlocks and closure of their academic activities as a result of political inventions. Thus, they are failing to reach their academic milestone. In your opinion, what is a university like for smooth running of academic programs?

The University should be free from political influence and interferences to ensconce itself to be a perfect guardian of all its associates. Students, professors and administrative members should refrain from political entailments. Similarly, the University should prepare and follow the academic calendar strictly. More importantly, the University should introduce globally accepted syllabi and pedagogies to consolidate with the market demanded jobs and entrepreneurship.

Finally, what message do you want to convey as the Principal of Uniglobe College to the ten-plus-two graduates who are in search of quality management education for their higher studies?

Uniglobe College is a top-notch college in term of management education which is revered by its graduands and graduates. The college has been imparting globally acclaimed education in Nepal at an affordable fee structure. We claim that we are abundantly enriched with ultra-modern infrastructures, cutting-edge technologies and equipment and advanced pedagogies. Our graduates are satisfied with the college performance. So, I advise our prospective students to consider Uniglobe College a right place for their life-changing education which will help you find many pathways to market-demanded employment and entrepreneurship. 


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