Health Science course has become indispensable amid growing scarcity of health professionals


Devi Bhandari, Founder Principal of Crimson College of Technology, is the General Secretary of OPEN, who is committed to academic quality enhancement. He has shared the unique features of CCT which proves that it’s a center for academic excellence. Excerpts:

Crimson College of Technology (CCT) is a top-notch college for Health Science and Management courses. To what extent has the college fulfilled its objective of establishment?

In my experience objectives are based on need as well as the product of time and situation. It was only one objective to launch BCA in order to fulfill the growing scarcity of technical human resources in the initial stage of college establishment. That was our struggle phase from all aspects. We had to hire teachers from Hyderabad paying a huge salary and other allowances. 

During those days, University teachers had only about 3000 (three thousand) monthly salary but we had to pay around 20 -25 thousands Indian currency per month. We resisted such a crisis and gradually started preparing human resources required for the country. Now, our own graduates have completed their higher studies. Similarly, after realizing the need and demand of health related programs, we started Pharmacy in 2008, which is the first private college to run Health science program beyond the Kathmandu valley. Likewise, we started a 50-bedded hospital in Manigram, which has now been extended to 100 beds.

Currently, we are running various programs that are divided into four categories: Bachelor of Engineering, Crimson Hospital, Crimson Pharmacy and Crimson College of Technology and Management, with all sorts of physical infrastructures. In addition, we have ensured direct job opportunities for more than 500 skilled human resources and many others have got indirect employment. Our college graduates hold high demand in banking and health sectors. So, I am fully content with our academic journey and think most of our objectives have been fulfilled.

CCT has accomplished a phenomenal achievement in health and management education sphere. Which sector will be the specific field of study at CCT in the days to come?

We will administer both IT and health science as separate units. Our mission is to enlarge the existing hospital (Crimson Hospital) up to 200 beds and launch a few new programs of health science, such as BSc Nursing and M. Pharma upon getting the approval. We are working on establishing Crimson College as a center of health education. For this purpose, tender and other necessary procedures are in the pipeline which will enable us to construct the infrastructures at the earliest possible.

Medical council has not been successful in handling entrance exam for the medical science aspirants smoothly, due to which most students are facing a big dilemma. In your perspectives, what could be the solution?

Adopting one door policy for the entrance exam is really a praiseworthy initiative of the council, but the council has considered a merit exam as a license exam. In fact, there are some criteria of Grade 12 results in order to enroll in the entrance exam for medical study. However, the medical council has not taken any concern about it and has treated entrance exam as the medical license exam which seems to be just a formality for accepting eligible candidates for their medical science study. It does not intervene in the matter of pass or fail. The medical council should discern that passing the entrance only adheres to the eligibility of students studying medical science and enlisting them into the merit list. 

Crimson College offers health science, management, science and technology courses which are offered by its contemporaries as well. Why do you claim that the career hopefuls should pursue a course in this institution?

Crimson College of Technology has some unique features that distinguish it from its contemporary institutions. First, the college has sufficient and capacious physical infrastructures equipped with cutting-edge technologies. Second, our teaching faculty is dedicated and experienced in their respective field of teaching. Third, we ensure amicable modus vivendi in our administrative sanctions, which ensures a good coordination amid students, teachers and management. Similarly, the college has formed a counseling team to ensure representation from each class. Rather than dictatorship, our coordination with students has resulted in witnessing a phenomenal success in our endeavors.

Moreover, our college graduates have demonstrated their outstanding performances both in job landing sectors and entrepreneurship. Due to these reasons, Crimson College of Technology can be the best destination to crystallize one’s dream.

What are the prospects of this program in the job landing sector and what are the parameters for measuring quality education by your college? 

We produce Health and IT related human resources that have global demand today and tomorrow. The pandemic has demanded more medical human resources. We foster real-world experience to our students so that they can compete anywhere, irrespective of any geographical boundaries. They are well-trained who aspire to develop entrepreneurship and professionalism in them. Our focus is on creativity and research too. So, our parameter of measuring quality is the performance of the students in real life and in their professionalism.

How do you analyze Pokhara University and the role of OPEN to systematize and smoothen the effective administration of the University?

Pokhara University has tailored its height in terms of quality service delivery and proper management. On the other hand, Open, as a stakeholder, closely cooperates with the University for Quality Upgrade and operation of existing and new programs systematically. Our role is significant in a sense that we cooperate with the University with appropriate policies and strategies. We always work closely with the University in order to launch market-demanded courses, revise the existing courses and ensure private institution friendly policies.

What message would you like to convey to the Grade 12 graduates?

First of all, students themselves should determine what aptitude they have and what dream they hold. In this regard, I suggest that they should not think only about earning a degree or certificate rather they should be wise enough to contribute their hard-earned skills to the society in particular and the nation at large. Therefore, they should not be manipulated by anyone’s false impressions, instead they should analyze what they are capable of, what talents they possess and what they are interested in. Your investment should be fruitful to carve out a path for a life-changing success. 


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