Management education is essential for every organization to supercharge managerial efficiency


Associate Professor Dr. Dayaraj Dhakal, Dean of Faculty of Management of Pokhara University, has been involved in the academic field for more than two decades. He is the first PhD scholar to have graduated from Pokhara University. Mr. Dhakal shares his perspectives with College Readers that Pokhara University prioritizes skill-oriented education imbibing the recent market demand and globalization impacts. Excerpts:

Could you share with us the status quo of the Management Faculty of Pokhara University?

The PU Management Faculty was established along with the establishment of Pokhara University. Management is essential for all the institutions in order to maintain appealing modus Vivendi within an organization. Good management is not limited to one particular organization or a nation; it’s required for organizational achievements. In other words, it is essential for running all governmental, non-governmental, national and international institutions in a systematic way. Similarly, management is required for all sectors from general office to NASA, hydropower, health, financial sector to education sector. So, its demand is increasing with the pace of development of technologies and businesses globally. 

In the context of Pokhara University, 48 colleges offer management courses in 13 programs in bachelor’s level and 6 programs in master’s level.

What further plans have you made to strengthen the existing popularity of the faculty of management at Pokhara University?

As Dean, it’s my responsibility to surge the glory of the faculty that I administer. There are three significant things that I focus on since my appointment which underpin the strength of the faculty of management. The first focus adheres to the update of the existing syllabi as per the global market. We have already begun this process which will be impended in no time. Second, I am very strict with the academic audit, which has not yet been implemented by any universities of Nepal. So, Pokhara University will be the forerunner of launching such audit in Nepal. 

In general understanding, the academic audit ensures that exams are conducted as per the schedule, question patterns have uniformity, exams are conducted fairly, marks are given wisely and cocurricular and extra-curricular activities are conducted effectively by all constituent and affiliated colleges. All these things matter most in order to achieve a phenomenal success in education sector and are considered a tool for measuring the academic excellence of a particular college. However, we do not reveal the grading of the college. 

It is alleged that Nepalese Universities do not focus on research and innovations which they should. To what extent is Pokhara University setting priorities for research-based education and innovative ideas of learners?

Undoubtedly, Pokhara University is the center for excellence based on its research-based approaches and innovations. Our prime focus is on research. In this regard, we have managed to recruit the faculty that has already shown global exposure and attained phenomenal successes in national and international arenas. Moreover, our research department at the central organization and all the 48 management colleges compulsorily abide by the rule that would urge them to establish a research cell. Therefore, our allocation of a separate budget for each research cell at each constituent and affiliated college is an asset to growing acclamation of Pokhara University.

Internship in bachelor and master’s degree is inevitable which enhances the experience, capabilities and confidence of the graduates. However, most colleges do not set priorities for internship. Could you tell us about the internship status at Pokhara University?

The office of the dean at the faculty of management has formed a committee to evaluate the status of internship and projects. The committee not only conducts a study on the prevalent issues, problems and solutions also submits its report by the end of this month. PU has provided a one-year internship privilege for BHM and 6 weeks’ internship privilege for other programs. Therefore, our self-motivated students have been able to demonstrate outstanding performance during their internship resulting in tailoring their demand in the global market.

How do you acknowledge the achievement of graduates of Pokhara University?

We have made a tracing study of our graduates, which has found that our graduates are involved in three sectors: job market, entrepreneurship and foreign study. Our focus is to ensure each of our graduates eventually creates job opportunities for those who are in need of financial assistance for their on-going endeavors. So, most of our MBA graduates are involved in entrepreneurship and start-up companies. We are mostly delighted to witness that some of our graduates have been placed in high ranking jobs who have also attained the highest post, i.e. CEO. Some of them are in foreign lands for higher studies. In this regard, we have not seen our graduates dillydallying in pursuit of jobs.

Do you have any plans to launch an extended program?

We are planning to extend MPhil and PhD programs under the Faculty of Management. Our priority is to produce PhD scholars because our university has an adequate number of PhD scholars to guide and supervise those PhD pursuers.

What message would you like to convey to the readers of this magazine as Dean of the Faculty of Management at Pokhara University?

Our priorities adhere to the update of the available courses, assurance of effective functioning of academic audit, involvement of students in research and guaranteed internship privileges to the University graduates. In this regard, we welcome desperate students seeking quality education for their bachelor and master’s level. Moreover, the University has published a PhD enrollment notice for those aspirants who are in search of doctoral courses in Nepal. We suggest they reserve a seat at the earliest. Furthermore, our courses consolidate the benchmarks of international curricula. So, it’s my courtesy call to those who want to make their career conducive and rewarding. Please come and join Pokhara University and avail yourself of all exciting academic attributes we possess.


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