Kavre District: An Emerging Hub of Ten-plus-two Qualifications


Since Kavre district is the closest district from the capital city, Kathmandu, undoubtedly, it holds a wealth of opportunities for career seekers in the academic sphere. The number of established educational institutions in Kavre has increased significantly in the recent times. The widely recognized Kathmandu University, the biggest Information Technology Park of Nepal, Banepa Polytechnic Institute are the assets to Kavre district. Apart from these institutions, a significant number of private and public educational institutions have great contributions to preparation of skilled human resources required for the 21st century. Therefore, Kavre has earned its name and fame across the country within a very short span of time because of such top-notch institutions.

The renowned academic institutions of this district have the glorious history of producing highly capable, talented and job holding scholars to witness expected achievement for the overall development of the district as well as the country. Its territorial touch and other attachments with Kathmandu, the capital city of the county, has always been a plus point to accelerate the intensity of development in the district. Succinctly, the district immediately grabs each new concept and technology practiced in Katmandu.

This district has equally heightened its success of academic history with the best results in SLC/ SEE for several times. To mention some, in the educational history of Kavre, Siddhartha Boarding School and Kabhre Secondary School have proven themselves with marvelous performance of being board first in the then SLC. Based on this solid foundation, Banepa is able to reach its apex with desired level of academic success at present. Moreover, there are a number of higher-level programs, especially technical and professional, operating successfully in Kavre.

Both private and community/public ten-plus-two schools have been established with an aim of providing quality education and preparing skilled human resources. The plus-two schools offer different faculties like Science, Management, Humanities, Law and Education. Every institution commits to creating a serene environment for quality education. Private institutions mainly focus on Science and Management courses whereas community/public institutions give priority to Management, Humanities and Education. Hotel Management in Commerce Stream and Mass Communication in Humanities are the most sought subjects in ten-plus-two level.

Siddhartha Boarding Higher Secondary School, Baylor Int’l Academy, Banepa NIST, Balbatika Vidyamandir School and Kabhre School seem to be perfect in imparting exceptional education of science. Siddhartha is the first higher secondary school to start plus-two science program from private sector. Millennium Campus has great contributions to providing quality education in Management and Education streams in both plus-two and bachelor level. Gyankunj School/College is also an emerging educational institution that ensures quality education and offers an array of programs from school level to diploma level. Two large community campuses: Kabhre Multiple Campus and Chaitanya Multiple Campus are historical institutions of Kavre district that provide education from plus-two-level to master’s level. Therefore, the trend of going to Kathmandu valley for ten-plus-two education has been downsized.

When Banepa NIST School— a sister wing of NIST Foundation— emerged in Banepa with huge investment in education with all-accepted quality, most students chose their own hometown for higher studies. Now most students have their first choice, especially in Science at Banepa NIST School and then Siddhartha School and so on.

Sanjiwani Secondary School is the first community school to run ten-plus-two program in Kavre district.  Kavre never forgets significant contributions of Dhulikehel Campus that have played a vital role in offering +2 management and BBS programs. Indreshwor School, Tej Ganga Multiple Campus, Divine Light School, SOS Kavre, and Siddhartha Vanasthali are at the forefront for imparting quality education in ten-plus-two level.

Of late, a new plus two school in Banepa — Adarsha Vidyamandir — has emerged in the market with new innovations and enthusiasm, especially with plus two Law and Management programs. Banepa NIST has been running plus-two law program for the last two years.

Thus, Kavre district has gradually brought revolution to the arena of education and stood as the best alternative for Kathmandu-based schools/ colleges. Due to the establishment of the best learning centers, schools, colleges and several other institutions, Kavre has undoubtedly ensconced itself to be an educational hub, which will surely pave a way to successful implementation of more rewarding programs in the days to come.

Financial considerations should not outweigh educational priorities

Millennium Campus established in 2056BS is the first private campus in Kavre which offers ten-plus-two program in Management and Education accredited by National Examinations Board (NEB), and BBS and B.Ed. curricula in association with Tribhuvan University. The campus is striving to achieve its mission to provide qualified educational human resources in order to cope with global challenges and needs.

The first unique feature of our college is that we are providing education at a nominal fee structure, which can even be afforded by financially wrenched students. No students are deprived of such education because of fee restriction, which is our prime target. We are competing with public colleges in the matter of fee structure and with private colleges in the matter of assurance of quality education. Perhaps in Kavre district, this is only the institution that strives for enhancement of quality education with a low fee structure. Scholarship schemes have been managed for financial weak and marginalized groups.

Millennium has so far produced about 1600 students calculating from plus two programs in Management and Education since it commenced its higher education program. Their performance in various sectors like banking, finance, cooperatives, NGOs, INGOs, schools, colleges, and media sectors is highly commendable.

Choosing a college for plus two studies is certainly an arduous task. If decision is made on the enrollment in a right college, the future of students will be secure. Students should consider assessing college management team, its history, past results, academic environment, facilities, scholarship schemes, etc before embarking on admission procedure.

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate and extend my best wishes to all SEE graduates for their appealing future. Millennium Campus welcomes SEE graduates to the Management and Education programs. We offer these courses at affordable fee structure and pledge some scholarship schemes; therefore, I request that they visit the college once and decide on their enrollment.

To embrace phenomenal success, your living domain needs no sophistication

Kabhre Secondary School is one of the leading educational institutions in Nepal, which was established in 2049 BS. Our principal objective is to provide exceptional education to our juvenile learners that seem rare in other institutions. More than 1500 of our SEE graduates have ignited the spark of our award-winning education and around 400 students, who have acquired ten-plus-two graduation, are pursuing extended courses in the nation and abroad.

Kabhre Secondary School shows outstanding results every year. We are at the top in the rank amid district level institutions for many years. The Ministry of Education had ranked our institution in 10th position amidst entire educational institutions of Nepal in 2071BS. The status quo of our institution was assessed vis-à-vis three years’ academic results and achievements.

We have recruited prodigious, innovative, and experienced teaching faculty who have acquired professionalism whereas our management team comprises academic maestros. Most graduates of KSS have embraced rewarding careers in high level posts, such as doctors, engineers etc.

The topographical location of this school at the height of Budol, Banepa provides you a serene atmosphere. Learning is highly effective since environment is conducive and tranquil. We have competent, dedicated, professional and well-experienced teaching faculty. Furthermore, we have a far-sighted management committee and administration, spacious classrooms, well-equipped modern science laboratories and latest teaching & learning methodologies. We conduct uninterrupted classes and regular assessment to ensure the academic quality that you are dreaming of. Apart from these salient features, occasional short treks to different nearby panoramic hills reinvigorate our students’ learning.

We offer quality education at an affordable tuition fee and believe it won’t give you any financial burden. Our achievement till the date is cherished because of valuable support and guidance from sour guardians and well-wishers.

Global exposure of students is our highest priority

Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute, Kavre was established in 2044BS (1988AD).  Since its establishment, the school has been scaling up the academic environment of the community which has spread the acclamation globally.

Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute, Panauti accredits the phenomenal success to its efficient team and the management. We work in team. Our team consists of the best professionals educated nationally and internationally. Our institution has been backed up by a good team of board of directors. We believe in practical education rather than theoretical. Our education helps our students to expose their talents so that they build up solid and strong foundation of confidence to write their own destiny. Our students are the masters of their lives who are able to rewrite their sub-conscious mind by their interest of current consciousness by relinquishing superstitious and traditional beliefs and systems.

We are distinctive from others in many aspects, such as methodology of teaching, usage of classroom technology and teaching and learning tutorials. We encourage our students to engage more in search-orientated techniques and hands-on experience than just listening and forgetting. Moreover, we encourage them to become independent learners. They perform their task without others’ help which makes them think independently. Furthermore, we have started a program called “Thinking Space” which not only prepares them to understand our culture better also boosts their capacity to contribute their skills to the society and country. We are producing nation builders in Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute.

Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute Panauti has adopted and served the students with pertinent curriculum and pedagogies of global academic advancements. In this regard, we offer our students unique academic facilities. Hotel visit and practical for HM students, Computer Live Lab, National Cadet Corpt. (NCC) Training, Free PTE and IELTS Preparation for 60 days, Public Service Commission Preparation Consultation and Career Counseling to enter into Nepal Army are some of our unique programs for the students.

Cost-effective education gives learners mental comfort and enthuse them to live within limits

Since its inception ABM School has not left any stones unturned in order to deliver quality education. Now, with the aim of increasing trend and opportunities in the field of Law, the school has introduced law faculty to ten-plus-two level.

The school also offers management program along with law faculty. The prime objective of the school is to spread academic excellence at an affordable cost and espouse economically backward students with scholarship privileges. We have the provision to provide 10-100% scholarship schemes. Our teaching and learning activities of law faculty are totally different from other schools/colleges. In addition, we provide counseling classes from guest lecturers who are law experts. Our law students are facilitated with an opportunity to get involved in various internships in courts. Upon completion of ten-plus-two level, the law graduates do not have to remain unemployed.

We are striving for quality enhancement and trying to meet higher standard of education delivery. I never believe that we are the best and others mediocre, but I am pretty sure we ensure a serene environment inside the school premises so that young learners can concentrate on their study. We provide computer and internet facilities to each faculty student.

Students should not make a decision to choose the subject according to the GPA they secure in the SEE. After analyzing their capability and interest along with future career, it will be better to choose the subject. Making the decision under the influence of friends and parents will be wrong.

Before ensuring an enrollment in any institution, I suggest students should acquire sufficient information concerning the teaching faculty, infrastructure, fee structure, scholarship privileges etc. When they get content with the provisions of these fundamental requirements at an institution, their decision will not be wrong.

ABM School has emerged in the Nepalese market with new innovations and concept of imparting quality education in both management and law faculties. So, I request SEE graduates of this locality should pay a visit to the school in order to see what we offer them, which will eventually bestow on them myriads of opportunities.


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