WISE SELECTION of right faculty and subject is the first step of PHENOMENAL SUCCESS

Narayan Upadhyay, the Founder Principal of Herald International College, is an established name in the education field. He is also the Vice President of Central HISSAN. Mr. Upadhyaya has shared his view on the contribution of +2 college to education development in Nepal and the things to be considered while choosing a right college and appropriate subject for higher level of achievement. Excerpts:

You are the Vice President of HISSAN. How has the contribution of +2 private colleges transformed the entire education system of Nepal?

As we take a glance at the 30 years of education history of Nepal, we have found that there has been a drastic change and grand achievement. In those days, numbers of school level students used to go to various swathes of India, namely Darjeeling, Sikkim, Nainital etc. in pursuit of quality education. The flow of students leaving the country for +2 education was massive and rampant.

However, as the country witnessed an advent of a large number of private institutions in the course of time, the exodus of Nepalese students going to foreign lands decreased dramatically. In the present context, the Nepalese youths rarely go to foreign lands for ten-plus-two education since most private +2 colleges have ensured impartation of internationally acclaimed education at affordable fee structure and persuaded the parents to confirm the enrollment of their child(ren) in Nepalese institutions.

However, it’s our misfortune that the flow of students flinging in foreign lands upon completing their ten-plus-two education has surged making Nepalese institutions mediocre. This could be true that the government has not formulated private institution friendly education policy and obstructed the way of investment of private sector, particularly in medical and technical education sectors. Still, the Nepal Government denies giving affiliation of medical courses to private colleges.

You have said that the government denies endorsing affiliation to private colleges for medical education. What is HISSAN doing to resolve this quandary?

The HISSAN has been lobbing with the government for affiliation approval to private medical colleges. Similarly, it is working on developing market-demanded courses in the changing paradigms of academia in collaboration with the government.

Herald Int’l has completed a two-decade long academic journey. How would you acknowledge your own attainments?

We undoubtedly claim that Herald International is a center of academic excellence with a moderate fee structure. Our students have shown phenomenal performance in both higher studies and professional careers in the country and abroad. Many students are pursuing medical, engineering, IT and management courses with scholarship globally. More successfully, they are leading in higher level positions in the world.

It is realized that after the conversion of HSEB in NEB, the quality, attraction and charm of ten-plus-two education has sharply declined although it is a pre-university education. In this circumstance, what should be done to bring reforms in the existing education system of Nepal?

Previously, the HSEB used to lead all ten-plus-two education programs, especially in preparing and amending the curricula, administrating all academic activities, monitoring and evaluation. However, the role of NEB is limited to only evaluation spectrum now. The whole education system of Nepal is within the control of bureaucrats.

So, for the improvement of education standard of +2 level as the pre-university education, a separate mechanism with the involvement of subject experts should be established and given independent authority to monitor, research and evaluate all academic activities. The mechanism should be totally excluded from the control of bureaucrats of the Ministry of Education and handed over to the academic experts.

In spite of insightful counseling, students are dubious about choosing a right college and relevant subject in ten-plus-two level. What is your advice on being judicious about course choice and faculty selection?

First and foremost, students are advised to set a goal for rewarding achievements. They should decide on the subject that imbibes their interest and caliber. Similarly, students are suggested that they consider physical infrastructure of the college, its academic environment, student past results, feedback from former students, provision of extra-curricular activities as traits of an appealing learning center. Moreover, soft skills are also an award-winning aspect of a good career, which each career hopeful should consider important.

What suggestions would you like to convey to the SEE graduates as the Principal of Herald International College?

Herald International College is the center of academic excellence. We pay close attention to each activity of students, give them special care and galvanize them to explore their inner talents. I, therefore, insist on saying that each desperate student wishing to embrace an exciting career should meet up with us before the enrollment.


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