REVISED CURRICULA are requisites of today’s changing educational paradigm

You have more than a one-decade long involvement in +2 education sector. Based on your experience, how do you analyze the existing ten-plus-two education in Nepal?

The existing education is more theoretical and knowledgebased rather than practical and skilled-based resulting in making students less creative and less efficient of handling any sort of work.

How is the curriculum development strategy of the government at the present context? Do you think the present curriculum is enough for making students globally competitive?

I have already shared with you that the present education curriculum is designed to focus on theoretical education which lacks practical, proactive and skill development pedagogy. So, the curriculum seems mediocre as it does not encapsulate the national needs and global trends of education in the present context. It seems to be revised time and again but in vain. The content of one class is just a replacement for another class with adding any new content in a new curriculum. So, I think, because of practical and proactive education, it is difficult to prepare globally competitive human resources based on the existing curricula.

The cocurricular and extra-curricular activities seem to be identical in most colleges. What distinct features does your institution encapsulate that excite inquisitive learners to get admission in your school?

We have managed to recruit qualified and experienced faculty of teaching and offered a variety of course choices to our students. Our learner-centric education focus on holistic development and balanced cocurricular and extra-curricular activities in order to enhance the existing performance efficiency of the students. Similarly, we conduct, pre- entrance preparation courses along with the courses incorporated in the national curriculum.

Notwithstanding relevant counseling, there is a dilemma looming among students as what sort of college they should choose for higher education. In your opinion, what things are to be considered by the SEE result graduates while choosing a right college and a subject?

Indeed, there is still dilemma among students and parents while choosing a right subject and college. In my opinion, the students, first and foremost, should decide on their aim as well as capability and aptitude before embarking on the faculty and subject. Similarly, while choosing a right college, students should refrain from manipulative advertisements.

Also, they should analyze the state of academic environment, past results of the college, available faculty and physical infrastructures, course choices and assurance of academic excellence. If the college is suitable from all aspects that can satisfy the aspiration, students are advised to choose such a college which can surely fulfill your dream.

What would be your suggestions to the SEE graduates as the Principal of Orchid Secondary School that would show them a right path to the accomplishment of an appealing qualification in higher studies?

Orchid Secondary School is the center of academic excellence. It runs a range of programs from ten-plus-two level to master’s level under the same umbrella. We are fully committed to delivering quality education. The college is undoubtedly wellestablished and trustworthy in terms of physical infrastructure, sustainability and academic excellence. So, I would like to suggest that the SEE graduates visit the college and make a right decision. We are eager to welcome you here.


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