OXFORD ACADEMY ensures no education boundaries sabotage our learners’ quest for fulfilling career

Dinesh Bhusal, the principal at Oxford Academy, Rupandehi, is also the President of HISSAN Rupandehi. Mr. Bhusal has shared his view on the present status of education in Rupandehi district and the trend of ten-plus-two education in Nepal. Excerpts:

You have acquired more than one-decade long entailment in ten-plus-two education in Nepal. Could you please give an account of your analysis of the existing ten-plus-two education in Nepal?

In the present context, ten-plus-two education is included in school education. However, in my analysis, it is a transitional phase that links school education with university education. So, it should be considered a strong bridge that connects two spheres: school education and university education.

In the present context, what is the stance of the tenplus-two curriculum in Nepal? Do you think the present curriculum is sufficient for producing globally competitive graduates ?

At present, the pedagogy of ten-plus-two curricula is satisfactory to some extent but seems to be distinctive from the requisites of students’ professional growth. The curriculum has encompassed Social Studies as a compulsory subject which is not appropriate and necessary for all groups of students. In fact, the present curriculum is more abstract and antithetical to practical teaching and learning. In this regard, it should consolidate practical education, which is today’s requisite. As a result, it’s very difficult for our graduates to compete globally. It needs sporadic revision and updates as the demand of time in order to produce globally employable human resources.

Even in the present context, the attraction of SEE graduates for Kathmandu-based institutions for higher education has not diminished yet. Are ten-plus-two colleges beyond the Kathmandu valley not efficient in delivering quality education?

This type of trend was in the past. Gone are the days when students would go to Kathmandu valley in pursuit of quality education. At present, some noteworthy colleges of outside valley are imparting globally acclaimed education. Butwal itself is a hub of life-changing education now. In the past, BE and MBBS aspirants used to go to Kathmandu for entrance preparation, but such classes are virtually imparted, and this trend has dramatically dwindled.

Cocurricular and extra-curricular activities may be found identical in most colleges. What distinctive features of your college can draw the attention of career hopefuls to join Oxford Academy?

We focus on cocurricular and extracurricular activities equally as part of our teaching and learning. Our concentration is on imparting holistic education to produce adroit, confident and competitive workforce that can compete globally. Moreover, a high priority has been given to games and sports as well. Some of them include cricket, football, volleyball, taekwondo etc. Similarly, declamations, elocution and cultural programs are carried out as co-curricular activities. Our motive of organizing such programs is to focus on holistic development of the students.

In spite of wider counseling, there exists a quandary among students for choosing a right college and a relevant subject. In your opinion, what things are to be considered by the SEE graduates as wise decision makers?

I think, the priority should be given to the individual interest while choosing an appropriate subject. Besides, students should choose a right subject analyzing their fundamental knowledge and skills required for a particular field of study. So, it is suggested that students should assess their own ability and aptitude before embarking on the enrollment for higher studies. Other benchmarks of an appealing learning center encompass the state of academic environment, past results, available faculty of teachers, infrastructures, practical labs and proven academic excellence.

What would be your concise suggestions that can convince desperate career seekers to join Oxford Academy?

Oxford Academy is a center of academic excellence. It is a widely acclaimed college in terms of physical infrastructure, sustainability and academic excellence. So, I would like to suggest that the SEE graduates visit Oxford Academy and make a right decision.


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