OUR REFORMED CURRICULA EVALUATION have carved out a new path of learning


How can we establish an exemplary ten-plus-two college that produces globally employable graduates?

First and foremost, quality education should be conferred to the students for making +2 level an epitome and exemplary in academia. Along with quality education, +2 colleges can create a distinct identity by conducting effective teaching and learning activities as per the mindset of smart students of the 21st century. This very smart generation refers to the person with all-knowing attribute thus making an exemplary institution for life-changing education.

What are the traits of plus-two education in the present context of Nepal?

Nepal is a geographically, culturally, linguistically, ethnically and socially diverse country. It is a unique country with unity in diversity and prosperity in everything. It is essential for the +2 level colleges to have a distinct feature in such a country with a unique scenario and specialty. Thus, in the context of Nepal, the characteristics of +2 education should incorporate its own originality and globally acclaimed curricula. However, in the case of +2 level colleges, theoretical knowledge is given more priority than practical knowledge in Nepal. Therefore, the present education system should be based on skill generating rather than focusing on rote-learning so that learning independence should be taught which leads our students to creating milestone in their learning endeavors.

What benchmarks of the existing curricula help students to compete globally?

In fact, the curricula implemented in Nepal are almost obsolete, and curricula taught in developed countries for decades are now being applied in Nepal. The current curricula of Nepal have not been able to address the sentiments of the 21st century youths. The curriculum now implemented in Nepal is entirely based on theoretical domain due to which students are confined to acquire more theoretical knowledge than practical one. Therefore, the curriculum of Nepal should be extensively revised comprising practical-oriented in order to produce genuine skilled manpower so that Nepalese students can compete in the global market.

Our students can also compete globally if we are able to introduce the curricula encompassing life-skills and engaging them in effective learning which inculcates their learning efficiency and enables them to acquire problem-solving skills thus helping them deal with any difficult circumstances strategically with complete understanding of what life and philosophy is.

What supplementary courses/facilities has your college provided apart from regular teaching and learning?

I would like to state that Manaslu World College has been established with specific mission, vision and thought. In most academic sectors of Nepal, teaching and learning is limited solely within particular textbooks and syllabi in a closed classroom. Apart from the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education of Nepal and Curriculum Development Center, Manaslu World College has been conducting multifarious extracurricular activities without being limited to bookish knowledge. We have been robustly conducting various sporting events, such as football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, chess and cricket including dancing and singing which are invaluable assets to their holistic development. Eventually, students will be able to acquire some skills along with certificate on completing their grade 12. And we are always committed to ensuring holistic development of our students.

What features ensure that your college provides quality education?

We provide a wealth of services and facilities and ensure Manaslu World College has bestowed quality education on our students as we have genuine foundation of highly qualified, dedicated and well-experienced teaching faculty. We are sure that we have generated the best academic ambience under state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-furnished classroom with airconditioning in each classroom and well-equipped science and hotel management laboratories. I, therefore, confidently contend that we facilitate our students with techno-friendly education in a tranquil environment.

What factors should students/parents consider while choosing the best plus-two school/college?

The students studying in +2 level are extensively in transitional phase – the phase of teenage when they are likely to get spoiled and involved in a vicious circle of friends. Therefore, it is quite substantial for every student to pay heed to the following things before deciding on their enrollment in ten-plus-two program:

First of all, it is important to understand the academic environment of the college you prefer.

a. What about the management and academic team? It is essential to understand how experienced and fair are both administrative team and academic team.

b. What is the physical infrastructure of college like?

c. What sorts of teaching and learning activities are adopted for the holistic development of students?

d. How amicable is the academic ambience?

e. How are the students dealt with in terms of their interests, desires, aspiration and feelings?

f. Are the underperforming students motivated?

g. Do the students get encouragement and exposure?

h. Apart from subject specified by the CDC, do the students participate in a range of cocurricular and extra-curricular activities?

i. Is the college at prime location?

If every student pays attention to the aforementioned points at the time of enrollment in a ten-plus-two college, s/he can envisage what their future holds in the long-run.


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