NEW JOURNEY TO PLUS-TWO-EDUCATION Right Selection and Wise Decision

Education is key to success in life. And SEE is the turning point to set the destination of academic journey. The right choice of college and the subject is the entrance point to reach the destination. So, the SEE graduates are suggested they should choose a right college and right field of study.

The Kathmandu-HISSAN has recently organized an education fair with participation of more than 100 colleges. The participating colleges in the fair have conveyed a significant message that Nepalese schools/ colleges can ensure quality education and parents do not have to squander time and money in a foreign land in pursuit of quality education. It instilled in the minds of students that it’s rewarding to study in Nepal. Still, some confusion might persist in their minds about how to choose a right college and right field of study.

So, for the convenience of the SEE graduates, here are some key aspects that ensure quality education. In my perspectives, following things are to be considered while choosing a right college and right field of study.

A) Physical infrastructure:

It is the most important thing to be considered while choosing a right college. If the college has own building established for the purpose of running academic programs, it will sustain in the long-run and underpin the permanency of the college. On the contrary, if the college is run in a rented building, the sustainability of the college remains indecisive. Therefore, sustainability of an academic institution depends on its state of physical infrastructure.

B) Physical facility:

It is another thing to be considered while choosing a right college. The physical facilities, such as well-equipped lab, resourceful library, well-furnished classrooms, sufficient playground and hygienic cafeteria etc. which contribute to quality enhancement. Undoubtedly, physical facilities play a significant role in quality delivery.

C) Easy access:

It is also one of the important things that we should consider for our higher education. I think one should keep in mind that the distance of college and transportation route have a direct impact on students. If one pupil has to commute in long distance, such tiring travel kills time and enervates energy. So, we should choose such a college which has easy access in term of distance as far as possible.

D) Teaching faculty:

Teaching faculty is the key factor for the assurance of quality education. So, they are to be well-managed and mobilized. Qualified, experienced, devoted and energetic teaching faculty can deliver quality education, can understand students’ interest and sentiments, use modern pedagogy and teaching materials which consequently underpin the career development of students.

E) Fee structure:

Fee structure is another significant aspect that determines mental well-being of pupils. It’s not dubious that fee structure should be affordable, it’s not true that only expensive colleges can guarantee quality education. So, it’s important to know that when an institution confirms the fee structure, it should be affordable. In this regard, students should choose such a college that does not give you financial burden.

F) Discipline:

Discipline should be maintained at college in order to ensure inclusive atmosphere, which ultimately helps in producing honest human resources. Quality education can only be ensured when both academic and managerial teams comply with teaching and management etiquettes. In this regard, the management team, faculty, students and administrative staff should spread the fragrance of camaraderie, respect, honesty, truthfulness etc. to ensure that an academic institution in a utopia for learners.

Key point while choosing appropriate subjects:

There are a number of confusions and erroneous guidance given to students who are in pursuit of a good college. Most parents are not able to show clear direction and guidance to their children. It creates much obstruction in the way of career development of the children. The students should choose their subject based on their aptitude, interest and current demand in market as well as based on their future destination as well as financial capacity of the parents. If a student wants to be a doctor or engineer, s/he should join science faculty. In my opinion, it is not judicious to pursue science faculty because one obtained 3.9-4.0 GPA. There are so many fields, such as IT, management, law and other vocational fields to pursue.


Right choice of college, right choice of field of study, strong determination and dedication to reach destination are the key to achieving success.

Besides, following things are needed for getting success in life: It is better to keep the photoes of successful and inspiring personality in your room and should develop a strong determination to follow the footsteps of such personalities. Such inspiring personalities could be a doctor, engineer, pilot, architect, litterateur etc.

1. Punctualit

2. Discipline and respect to others to get own respect

3. Identify own potentialities and aptitude

4. Trust in oneself

5. Choose the subject of your own interest and aptitude what you want to be in the future but do not get influenced by friends, relatives and peer group.

6. You should respect the teachers who laid the cornerstone of your appealing career and opened multiple gateways to academic journey by teaching the basics of English alphabets, numbers and Nepali script (abc, 1,2,3 ka, kha).

7. You should show optimum accolades to the teachers who made all the preparation to embark on the SEE and higher education for your prosperity and happiness. And also to the society that established your identity, and to the nation that created a milestone in your winning journey.


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