NEB ACADEMICALLY should be prompt enough for improving education scenario

Education is a basic privilege for all. And disparities between private and public institutions must end. It is common responsibility of both the institutions to improve the education system of Nepal. From an initiation and efforts, HISSAN is responsible and other stakeholders must consider improving the education scenario of Nepal.

Evaluation system of our country is in continual improvement. There are two aspects—improved internal evaluation and holistic & external evaluation to know the status of students based on the objectives determined by national curricula of grades VIII, X and XII. Pedagogy and evaluation are complementary to each other to fulfill the objective of the curriculum.

We focused on the external evaluation as CAS could not meet the aim because the conviction, ‘no students fail’ sabotaged its flow to reach the objective. The adjustment is required for the existing grading system so as to get a success in both the internal and external evaluation.


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