Kalika has made lasting impact of innovative education on learners as public campus


Mr. Biranji Gautam, with a long experience of being the campus chief of Janapriya Multiple Campus for two terms, has also accepted the leadership of campus chief at Kalika Multiple Campus with an aim of transforming this campus into a model campus in Gandaki Province. Mr. Gautam has shared his view, plan and experience with College Readers. Excerpts: 

You have held the top-level stewardship role (Campus Chief) at Kalika Multiple Campus for more than one decade. What strategic plans have you prepared to transform it into a model campus?

I myself am a student of management and have studied many management theories. I joined this campus in 2055 BS as a lecturer and since then I have held various positions. And I have had more than a decade-long experience as campus chief. The main objective of public campus is to impart quality education at affordable fee structure in rural area where there is no influence of private and government colleges. So, I have some strategic plan for the upliftment of education status of this campus with the view to render service for the society. We are working for receiving the QAA certificate as the benchmark of quality education. All the academic activities and financial transaction will be made transparent by preparing the website of the campus. Similarly, we have planned to trace out the situation of pass out students and keep their record. Additionally, we are working for its institutional development, infrastructural development and human resource management for the delivery of quality education.

Your long experience in education sector, especially in public campus is worth appreciating. Public campus is working in the middle of community and private campuses. In your experience what things are required for the enhancement of quality education?

There should be strong commitment and determination among the management faculty, staff, students, parents, community and the stakeholders for the delivery of quality education. Similarly, all the stakeholders should take the ownership of public campus as their own property.

Education should be research oriented. The teaching faculty should be motivating for the students and students should also be motivated to receive quality education by being engaged and reflective in their research and innovations.

Education with knowledge, skill, culture and technology is the demand of the 21st century. To what extent has Kalika Multiple Campus given it a priority?

In fact, our institution is the first campus to offer Rural Development program for MA. The campus is the pioneer of quality education among campuses that offer Rural Development and Management education. We offer regular counseling and provide professional training with the guidelines from the experts of various fields. Moreover, the campus has signed MoUs with various organizations related to management and social service. We encourage our students to be self-responsible, disciplined, skilled and professional through counseling and training.

What efforts have you made for the internal development of this campus?

The campus owns 25 ropanis of land and 4 buildings. We are planning to setup e-library, seminar hall, and other physical infrastructures. Similarly, we are working on developing human resources. There is a job security for the teaching faculty and staff of the campus. We have made a provision of giving a paid leave to the faculty wishing to enroll in either MPhil or PhD.

What message would you like to convey to the parents, students and stakeholders as the Campus Chief of Kalika Multiple Campus?

Kalika Multiple Campus, established in 2048 BS, is a well-established public campus of this locality. Currently, the campus offers management, education and humanities stream. It offers Rural Development and MBS program in master’s level. There are more than 1700 students studying in this campus from +2 to master’s level. The college has appropriate physical infrastructure and offers best quality of education. It has ensured 90% of pass results in rural development program.

Now, we are spearheading our campaign to receive a QAA certificate from UCG. IN addition, a public campus is the common property of all; so, I convey the message to all the parents, students and the stakeholders to extend kind cooperation for ideal development of the campus.


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