Unless quality prevails on teachers’ teaching approach it’s weird to dream of preparing employable graduates


Narayan Kafle, the Executive Director of Himalayan WhiteHouse International College, has been involved in the field of academia for more than a decade. He has shared his unique tips while choosing a right subject and college in Grade Eleven. Excerpts:

In spite of wider counseling, there is a dilemma looming on the mindset of students concerning a right college and subject. In your opinion, what things are to be considered by the SEE graduates while choosing a right college and a subject?

As many as 5,14,977 students appeared for the SEE-2079. Out of them, 257035 were males and 257924 were female students from 11615 schools across the nation. The SEE is a regular process of class upgrade just as upgrading students from Grade Nine to Grade Ten. So, we should change our perspective that SEE is not an Iron gate rather it is a golden gate. In fact, the syllabi of Grades eleven and twelve are pre-university education and a strong base of professional career building. In this regard, the students should choose a right subject and a right college based on their interest and future career dream as well as assurance of the college to impart quality education.  

To speak frankly, they, firstly, should consider some significant factors that make the college a learning center for life-changing education which encompass the quality and vision of the board of directors and assurance of their academic history. Moreover, their mission and vision play an important role that determines their relationship with international like-minded organizations. Secondly, the strengths, motives, and emotional intimacy of the teaching faculty with students should be analyzed. Thirdly, students should be assured that they are going to avail themselves all facilities that would underpin their career pursuits. And lastly, they should also assess the status of physical infrastructures and practical apparatus available for learners.

In your opinion, what could be the bases of quality measurement so that the students can study there satisfactorily?

Primarily, the school should be student centric. Secondly, the students should choose an appropriate college depending on their subject choice. If they want to study science, they should choose such a college which has strong science faculty. Similarly, if they want to study law, they must ensure the college has recruited experienced and skilled law faculty.

In my perspectives, physical infrastructure is not only the base of quality measurement. So, we should take the bases of quality measurement as to assess how the college uses the technology and virtually connects the students with the world, how it ignites the passion of students, and how often ECAs and CCAs are conducted. 

Who has the primary role for enhancing the strength of a college?

In my view, students play a significant role in enhancing the strengths since they are directly connected with the modern technology and global trends. They can learn more things within a short span of time than we teach them in a year if they are self-motivated and inspired.

There is a trend of going to foreign country for higher studies upon completing ten-plus-two education. Are private colleges not able to create a convincing environment?

Education cannot be isolated from the entire system of the nation. At present, there are insufficient opportunities for a well-settled life. So, there is compulsion not only for the educated also for the general workers. Scarier is the phenomenon where 60 to 70 billion rupees is draining out annually in the name of higher education. So, we should develop the mindset for the investment and development of technology and create more opportunities in the country. If students get an amicable environment for study with earning, they never think of going to foreign lands for higher study.

It is a fact that the qualified faculties are needed to produce qualified students. What is the responsibility of the institution to manage qualified teachers?

The college should bring the policy of shared benefit and shared responsibility to ensure a respectful life of the teachers. So, the assurance of job security and sufficient remuneration should be provided to the teachers.

What are the distinct features of your college and why should students study at your college?  

We have been practicing the student-centric teaching and learning activities and providing supplementary training for professional career to both teachers and students. We are very proud that our graduates have shown outstanding performance in their higher study and professional life in Nepal and abroad. They have been working at many international institutes, such as NASA, Bank of America, Apple etc.


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