Pinnacle’s sterling academic attainments have retained its fame & fortune as never-ending legacy


Rishi Tiwari, the Founder Principal of Pinnacle Academy has contributed his creative time of almost three decades to the education field. He is also Secretary to the Central HISSAN. Mr. Tiwari has shared his view on the present status of ten-plus-two education and its contributory role in developing the educational sphere in Nepal. Excerpts:

Pinnacle Academy/ College is celebrating Silver Jubilee which indicates that it has completed its 25 years of glorious academic journey. In this long association, how do you acknowledge the ups and downs of ten-plus-two education?

There were only a limited number of ten-plus-two private institutions in the past, but the fascination and flow of students, especially from financially well-off families was comparatively high. This level of education was considered to be as prestigious as medical sector. The enrollments of the students were around 50 thousand. As a result, we decided to devote our creative time and ideas to the development of private education with a team spirit. So, we established Pinnacle College in 2055 BS with the motive for making contribution to the education sector.

However, it is our disappointment that the policy of Nepal Government is capricious. The HSEB is converted into NEB which introduced grading system evaluation. At its inception, the NEB adopted the no-fail concept, but now it has revised the concept and adopted non- grading evaluation system to the students obtaining the marks below 35% in the final exams. Such controversial opinion and unstable policy of the government created a dilemma among students and colleges, which consequently dwindled the quality of ten plus two education in Nepal. 

During your 25 years of ten-plus-two journey, which chronology of intervals have you found glorious and you feel proud of?

In my experience, the time phase between 2055 and 2068 was considered to be the best time in term of delivery of quality education. During that time, HSEB had strong curriculum and evaluation system. But when the HSEB got converted into NEB and ten plus two education was included in school education, the quality degraded abruptly.

Pinnacle College carries the legacy of 25 years of academic excellence. Would you please tell us how many students received graduation from this college and how is their performance in the global economy?

We started to offer ten plus two education and school from 2055 BS as soon as we fulfilled the criteria and agreed to the policy of government. Then we started B.Sc., BBM and BBS programs in affiliation to Tribhuvan University. Similarly, as a technical subject, we offer Diploma in Pharmacy affiliated to CTEVT. The pharmacy program of our college affiliated to CTEVT is well-trusted among the public for its sterling quality. The college helps around 500 students to graduate successfully every year including ten-plus-two and bachelor’s programs. So, we have successfully produced as many as 10000 graduates till the date.

It’s our pride that our products have occupied the prestigious position from Mechi to Mahakali in medical, engineering, banking and IT fields. The Pinnacle’s pharmacists have high demand at reputed hospitals due to their quality education and experience. Our graduates have also accomplished outstanding performance at international IT companies and aviation.  The first rescue helicopter pilot is the product of Pinnacle.

Pinnacle has witnessed a huge achievement in terms of academic excellence and has successfully produced more than 10000 graduates till the date. Could you highlight the unique features of Pinnacle?

Sufficient physical infrastructure including modern building with spacious and well-equipped classrooms, cutting-edge laboratories, resourceful library, cafeteria etc. are the common features that are found in other colleges. But the most unique feature of our college is that we regularly run ECA programs as per the aptitude and interests of the students. Similarly, we offer professional training courses relating to respective faculty and make students handle their professional careers themselves in the market. Moreover, the college has sustainable management and stewardship team and qualified professional faculty of teachers. All of them are the assets to the organization. 

You have had involvement of more than two and a half decades in private education in Nepal. In your experience, what are the notable contributions of private colleges to education development in Nepal?

Private ten plus two colleges have made significant contributions to the delivery of quality education. They have controlled the outflow of country’s capital in foreign lands. In this regard, the ten-plus-two education has made lasting impacts on learners which is a direct contribution to the education sphere of Nepal. It has produced a large number of qualified doctors, engineers, IT experts, teachers, managerial workforce required for the country’s prosperity and some of are striving for a success offshore. Moreover, it has created job opportunities for qualified human resources in the country.

Could you please tell us about the conspicuous challenges of ten-plus-two level in Nepal?

The ten-plus-two education is included in school education which has adverse effects on the quality of education. Previously, there was high attraction of ten-plus-two education when it was considered a college education. The student could feel promoted in their academic standard. But now they think they are studying in school level and do not attempt for extra efforts in study. In fact, the ten-plus-two education is a pre-university education, but it’s really challenging for us to motivate students to study seriously as they think they are still in school level. Moreover, the course is designed by people who do not have any experience of ten-plus-two education. It has circumscribed the course prospects and sabotaged the pathway to the selection of single subject specialization.

What message would you like to convey to the SEE graduates and their parents as the Founder Principal of Pinnacle College?

First of all, I would like to extend my best wishes to all the SEE graduates for their outstanding results. I also would like to request them to choose the best college and the best subject based on their aptitude. Pinnacle College has completed its glorious history of 25 years. Moreover, the extra-curricular and professional courses are offered to hone the capability and professional skills of the students. So, I would like to request all the graduates and their parents & guardians to visit our college and give us an opportunity to deliver our service. You’re all most welcome to Pinnacle!


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