Peace Zone Academy retains the legacy of offering life-changing qualifications at local level


Dr. SP Singh, the Chairperson of Peace Zone Academy, Birgunj, is an academic entrepreneur who has rendered his service at Tribhuvan University for 37 years as a faculty member. After his retirement, he was involved in the development and expansion of private education in Nepal and invested in many colleges. Particularly, he concentrated his investment in the development of education in the satellite areas of Terai region. He has been involved in the leadership team at WhiteHouse International College and Pentagon College. Currently, he is working at Peace Zone Academy as the Chairperson. Dr. Singh has shared his view on the present status and existing myths of ten-plus-two education in Nepal. Excerpts:

Your professional involvement in education sector in Nepal has witnessed the 37 glorious years which deserves high accolades. Based on your long experience, how do you analyze the existing ten-plus-two qualification?

Nepal has made a remarkable achievement in the development of education in a period of two decades. The ten-plus-two education has a significant role in yielding the educational practices in Nepal. Its curricula and teaching and learning pedagogies seem good in comparison with the globally practiced pedagogies since it offers globally acclaimed qualifications and has managed to diminish the brain-drain menace.

How would you acknowledge the trend of ten-plus-two education in Nepal? What is your response to the distribution of current curriculums in ten-plus-two level?

As far as the global trends of education are concerned, the curricula and course contents of ten-plus-two level are appropriate and rewarding which are modified, revised and updated considering the rapidly changing educational paradigm in the world. If we implement the current curricula honestly in classrooms and beyond, we can easily prepare globally employable human resources. However, the pace of curricula revision is more sluggish, which is a little disheartening for most academicians in Nepal.

Although a large number of institutions outside the Kathmandu valley have been recognized worldwide, the obsession of students with Kathmandu-based colleges has not decreased so far. What do you think about this anomalous situation?

I believe this trend has declined gradually. At present, only a small number of students go to Kathmandu in search of higher education. In other words, there are a large number of colleges established outside the valley that focus on globally accepted skills and qualifications. Birgunj, being a hub of a wealth of course choices, has been recognized as a fertile land for award-winning academic activities.  

You have established Peace Zone Academy in Birgung and Gyandeep School in Kalaiya. Could you please give a brief synopsis of both the institutions?

Peace Zone Academy and Gyandeep School have been established with an aim of imparting international education at local level. These institutions offer quality education to the local students and help them to reach out to global opportunities.

What distinctive features of your college ensure the enhancement of your students’ academic performance?

Our college has adopted student-centered teaching and learning methodologies emphasizing project work, excursions and research studies. So, our college always galvanize our students to expand their horizon of knowledge beyond their textbook-based learning. Moreover, we have recruited qualified and experienced teaching faculty and offer a variety of subjects emphasizing the presentation and exposure of the students. In addition, our cocurricular and extra-curricular activities have played a crucial role in developing students mental and physical well-being.

How would you acknowledge your institutional attainments?  

Peace Zone Academy has just completed three academic years since its establishment. So, our first batch of students appeared for Grade 12 board examinations this year who achieved phenomenal results proving themselves to be excellent performers. It proves that we are creating a milestone in academic breakthroughs. 

Notwithstanding proper counseling, an anomalous dilemma is still looming on the minds of SEE graduates that they have failed to make a right decision at a right time. In your perspectives, what things are to be considered by the SEE graduates to attain a success?

Students should not go beyond their interest and capacity. So, in my view, students should select a subject focusing on their aptitude, abilities and aim. Similarly, students should keep their dream at the center so that they always focus on it. As far as a good college is concerned, I suggest that they should consider congenial academic environment, past results, status of faculty members, state of physical infrastructure, subject choices and the proven academic benchmarks. In short, they should choose such a college that focuses on the holistic progress of pupils.

What suggestions would you like to convey to the SEE graduates who are in pursuit of a good college?

I would like to suggest that they choose a right subject and faculty exploring their potentialities in that particular area. And Peace Zone Academy has been acclaimed as an ideal center for life-changing education in Birgunj. So, please pay a visit to the college and explore the available resources here that may direct you towards the path of fulfillment of your career pursuits.


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