Community campuses are igniting the spark of hope amid several crises


Manoj B. Kuwar, the Campus Chief of People’s Campus, is an academic maestro who holds a long experience of the academia of Nepal. He commenced his teaching career from 2048 BS and has served different institutions Coordinator, Vice Campus Chief and Campus Chief. Mr. Manoj B. Kuwar has shared his view on the contribution of community campuses to the education development of Nepal and the existing hardships of the public campuses in Nepal.

You have a long association with community campuses and have made efforts in the development of education in Nepal? How do you assess the contribution of community campus to the development of education in Nepal?

There are many challenges that the community campuses are facing for their existence. But such challenges should be accepted as a privilege. Private colleges are highly costly and driven by profit-motive and are not affordable for financially struggling people. Similarly, the number of government colleges is not sufficient in Nepal. In such a condition, community colleges are delivering quality education and ensuring that even common people can pay a minimum fee of their child(ren). However, a number of challenges are drooping over the credibility of community colleges, such as academic excellence, results and infrastructures. 

In the present context, attraction of students is seen in private colleges, particularly among students from financially robust families. In such a condition, many community campuses are struggling for existence due to the lack of sustainable financial resources. How is the condition of People’s Campus regarding financial status?

In my view, quality education cannot be ensured only with high spending. The quality enhancement is possible by managing sufficient pre-requisites of quality education, such as qualified and dedicated faculty, physical infrastructure, and efficient management. We have been imparting quality education with a minimum fee structure. Its main reason is that we always work diligently keeping the significance of team spirit on our mind.

How is the achievement of your campus graduates in the global job market?

The campus holds a glorious history. Our products have shown outstanding performance in Nepal and abroad. They have held leading   positions in banking, bureaucracy, and social services. Our students have secured a high post level up to the Chief Secretary in the government service and CEO in banking sector.

Could you please give an account of the efforts you have made for the assurance of quality enhancement?

People’s Campus is always conscious about the quality enhancement of its pupils. We frequently provide refreshment training to the lecturers. The available resources are well managed and utilized properly.

How is the dropout ratio of students in your campus since most students quit in the middle of their course duration, which is really disturbing? What should be done to control it?

In the present context, the trend of going for foreign study after completing ten-plus-two is in alarming rate. It results in both capital fly and brain-drain. So, the combined efforts of the government, educational institutions and the public can bring a solution to these growing problems. And the government must be at the initiation. The investment of the government in education should be increased in order to upgrade the quality of education and introduction to techno friendly education. In the present time, most common people think that quality education can be achieved only in a foreign land, which is a wrong mindset. So, this incomprehension should be outweighed by the mindset that quality education can be achieved in Nepal too.

What suggestions would you like to give the students for their enrollment in a community campus?

Community Campuses are established and guided by the philosophy of social service. They are service-oriented and are committed to providing excellent education with minimum fee structure. Our motive is to produce good citizens instilling into them a good culture. So, I suggest that students must choose a community campus as their higher education destination.

However, I suggest that students should analyze the education environment and sustainability of campus while choosing it as their academic destination. People’s Campus is a center for academic excellence which has the unmarred legacy of being excellent since its establishment, and we believe this legacy is never-ending.


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