Science faculty can make lasting impacts on learners leading them to their chosen career


Homnath Luitel(PhD), the chairman of Jubilant College/Jubilant Education Foundation, is an academic entrepreneur. He is also a lecturer at Amrit Science Campus. Dr. Luitel has shared his view on the present status of ten-plus-two education and the things to be considered while choosing a right subject and a right college. Excerpts:

Jubilant college is one of the reputed colleges in Nepal. How would you like to acknowledge your achievements in this regard?

Jubilant College is an ideal learning center, particularly for management and science studies. The college enrolls around four hundred students annually. It has produced a large number of graduates till the date. The college graduates from this college have accomplished outstanding performance in their higher studies and in global job market. They have held the leading positions in banking and corporate sectors. The college has been offering the course of Science stream for the last ten years. So, our products have shown excellent performance in this sector too.

You hold a science qualification. What sorts of students are eligible and qualified for science course?

The scope of science is broader than other subjects which consolidates almost all the fields of higher studies. They can be a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, a veterinary doctor and so on. They can also be shifted to other academic fields, such as management, humanities, technical sectors as per their wish. So, it is better to study science in the beginning, but the students who want to study science should be laborious and dedicated in their learning endeavors. So, strong will, dedication and hard labor are the quality and eligibility for studying science. The students who want to be a musician in the future, it is not necessary to study science. So, interest of the students is the prime factor of choosing the subject.

What types of colleges are appropriate for studying science in Grade 11?  

In my view, basically, three things should be available in order to be an appropriate college—a healthy environment with sufficient physical facility including labs; qualified and dedicated faculty; and student motivation. The conglomeration of these three things is the basic requirement for a science college.

What are the appealing factors that galvanize career hopefuls to pursue science education in your college?

Jubilant college is the center of academic excellence. The college has maintained a salubrious environment with an appealing infrastructure. The teachers are well-experienced, dedicated and highly qualified with PhD degree. We have managed to recruit the teachers who are teaching at St. Xavier and Pulchowk Engineering Campus too.  

Moreover, the college conducts student motivating class regularly to boost the morale and ethic of the students. In addition, the college conducts professional classes, such as pre-medical, pre-engineering, management course and IELTS preparation courses for the students wishing to go for foreign study.

What suggestions would you like to convey to the SEE graduates as the Chairman of Jubilant College?

First of all, I would like to congratulate them on their grand success. Moreover, I would like to suggest they choose a right college abstaining from bogus adverts. Jubilant College could be the best destination to crystallize your dream. So, your visit to Jubilant College can turn into the final decision of enrollment.


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