Premier College offers a wealth of career enrichment courses that consolidate learners’ pursuits


Chhabilal Pandey, the Program Director of Premier College, is an accomplished personality who has been fulfilling his responsibility as Operation Head for the past ten years. Mr. Pandey has shared his view on the present status of +2 education and role of Premier College in imparting quality education. Excerpts:

You have had a long entailment in +2 education in Nepal. In your experience, what are the strengths of secondary education, especially +2 education?

Education has both strengths and drawbacks. According to the present education policy, ten-plus-two education is encompassed in school education which is the foundation course for university education that aims to prepare students to be eligible and qualified for university education.

Premier College offers a range of courses in Humanities, Management and Science streams which are offered by other institutions too. What are the unique features of Premier College that distinguish it from its contemporary institutions?

Premier College distinguishes itself from other colleges in terms of three things, namely management, outstanding results, and affordable fee structure. The college is managed by Chaudhary Group, which is globally acclaimed as a well-managed multinational company. The college has heightened both name and fame vis-à-vis its outstanding results. Another convincing trait of the college is its affordable fee structure with a range of scholarships to genuinely talented students.

The college has the largest scholarship scheme in both merit and need-based. The scholarships offered on the basis of merit, performance, result of entrance exam and SEE exam etc. are merit- based scholarship. Besides, it offers scholarship to the students from poor families and the marginalized groups, which are considered need-based scholarship. The college accommodates a total of 640 students—200 students in Science, 400 in Management and 40 in Humanities. Out of them 200 students are granted scholarships including 80 students from Science group, 110 students from Management and 10 students from Humanities every year.

The college has been successful in ensuring the outstanding results which has drawn the attention of career hopefuls. Moreover, the college had stood the 2nd and 3rd positions in terms of appealing board examinations results for two consecutive years a couple of years ago. Therefore, such benchmarks corroborate the fact that Premier College is incomparable with its contemporaries.

What are the factors at Premier College that give assurance for quality education to desperate career pursuers?

Its appealing result itself is the assurance for quality education. To be specific, we enroll five groups in one intake: Science (two physical groups), two in Biology group and one in IT group, which account for the number of 200 students.

We provide pre-medical course for the biology group, pre-engineering course for physical group, and IT related training for the IT group from Grade 11, all of which are free of cost.

We believe that such programs boost morale of students and galvanize them to empower knowledge and set their career target. The cost of all these professional courses is reimbursed by Chaudhary Group. Similarly, concerning Management and Humanities, we offer supplementary classes to strengthen their knowledge of a particular faculty.

In spite of scrupulous counseling, most students are in dilemma whilst making a decision on a right college and rewarding subject. In your opinion, what factors of an institution can dissipate such a confusion?

It is really a herculean task to choose a right subject and an appropriate college to lead an award-winning career. The students should be determined to pursue a subject based on their aptitude and career destination. Similarly, while choosing a right college, they should take into consideration a few things, such as stewardship of college, subjects offered, faculty choices, academic results, feedback from the alumni, fee structure etc. The students should consult and take advice from the teachers and parents as necessary.

What suggestions would you like to convey to the SEE graduates as the Program Director of Premier College?

First of all, I would like to congratulate the SEE graduates on their phenomenal success. Secondly, I would like to suggest that they choose a right college and right subject envisaging their career and destination. Premier College is an ISO certified institution which means it is impeccable in terms of good management and retention of exuberant educational facilities. I, therefore, advise them to visit the college and acquire all necessary details.


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