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Ramesh Ghimire, the Principal at Asia Pacific School/College, has been serving Nepalese academia for a long time. Mr. Ghimire has shared his view on the ten-plus-two education and its rewarding prospects. Excerpts:

Asia Pacific College offers Science, Management and Law programs in ten-plus-two level. Why should students study in your college?

Asia Pacific College is a rising college in the northern swathe of Kathmandu district. We are successful in running +2 classes in all three streams in full volume. The college gives equal importance to the curricular, cocurricular and extra-curricular activities focusing on holistic development of students. We groom students to be capable of going for higher study focusing on all the development requisites including life-skills, knowledge and expertise for higher study.

Why do you feel that the SEE graduates are in dilemma about further career and studies?

The SEE is the turning point in student life that enables them to go forth pursuing their career development. In this situation, one must be clear about choosing their best destination. However, there are still insurmountable myths and truths about choosing a right institution for higher education. Due to hyperbolic counseling, most students are in dilemma. Many of them are influenced by the counseling of family members, relatives and peer groups. As a result, they cannot decide wisely at a right time and eventually become dubious about their further academic destination.

What do you think are the essential elements to be considered while choosing a right college?

Choosing a right college is the priority of students that can underpin their further success. They should choose such a college that is located near their residence. Other important factors are: physical infrastructure, fee structure, stability and the academic excellence of the college. Moreover, financial considerations should also be made priority before the enrolment since most students believe that the more expensive the college is, the better education it provides, which is just a heresy. I believe Asia Pacific College is the appropriate destination for students in terms of fee structure, physical infrastructure and academic excellence.

What sort of college is rewarding for desperate students pursuing a higher degree?

We should guide and inspire them to choose an appropriate subject as per their passion and aptitude. The teachers should discern the passion and aptitude of their students and suggest following a right path. Moreover, the scope and demand of subject should also be kept in mind while choosing an appropriate subject.

The commitments made at the time of admission are often ignored later. Is this the phenomenon of your college too?

We never give a space for student frustration. We have limited quota of enrollment in all the streams. So, we are fully careful and attentive to students’ individual care and satisfaction. This college has an affordable fee structure which meets parents’ expectation and ensures any students’ enrollment irrespective of their financial status.

What message would you convey to the SEE graduates?

The SEE is a turning point that decides what one becomes in the future. In this regard, both the parents and students should be judicious enough of choosing a right college and appropriate subject considering their financial and academic status. Similarly, as the Principal, I would like to welcome the SEE graduates to Asia Pacific College and avail themselves of all resources.


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