Our unique features bequeath perpetual skills to learners


Keshav Dangal, the Chairman of St. Lawrence College, has shown his commendable involvement in education sphere for more than two decades. He has shared his view on the contribution of St. Lawrence college to the field of academia and important things that are to be considered while choosing a right college and deciding on an appropriate subject choice. Excerpts:

St. Lawrence College has successfully completed its decade-long academic journey. Could you share with us the activities that you carry out to enhance students’ learning endeavors?

St. Lawrence College had commenced its journey with ten-plus-two education which subsequently expanded its programs from preliminary level to university level (master’s degree). Currently, the college runs its academic program from Nursery to master’s degree under the same umbrella. In this regard, St. Lawrence has acquired a tremendous progress in both quality enhancement and expansion of academic areas.

Our priority is to develop techno-friendly education which encompasses activity-based education. Creativity and practicality are our motto by which we are guided to steer our academic endeavors.

What are the unique features of St. Lawrence College that are rare in other colleges?  

Our focus is on creativity, practicality, and skill development in education. We enroll students through merit-based entrance assessment. Our priority is to groom students based on his/her aptitude and interest in crystallizing their career dream. So, we give equal importance to both theoretical and practical orientation, i.e. knowledge, creativity and skills are given equitable priority.

St. Lawrance has completed more than one decade-long academic journey. How do you acknowledge the achievements of your college graduates?

It’s our pride that St. Lawrence has successfully maintained its legacy of academic excellence till today. Our students have confirmed outstanding and marvelous achievements in both higher studies and professional careers in Nepal and beyond. Many of them are pursuing medical, engineering, IT and management, law courses with scholarship privileges in Nepal and at foreign universities. Apart from this, they have also secured leading positions in various sectors in various corporate houses and service-centered organizations in the world. So, we can proudly say St. Lawrence has been successful in grooming our students to reach their high potential.

Despite through counseling, more students seem to have a great dilemma of choosing a right college and appropriate subject. What suggestions would you like to give to the SEE graduates concerning their enrollment?

First of all, the students should determine the field of their interest and analyze the scope of a particular field in the global market.  Secondly, they should analyze their capabilities whether or not they match with their interest, and thirdly, they should consider the financial status of their parents. So, after their firm determination on their destination, field of interest and scope of the subject, they should take up such a rewarding course. The role of parents is decisive to provide the financial assistance to fulfill their academic desire.

Physical infrastructures, academic environment, past results, feedback from the alumni, CCAs, ECAs and soft-skills are inevitable aspects of a good institution, which each student must seek before the enrollment.

What suggestions would you like to convey to the SEE graduates and their guardians as the Chairman of St. Lawrence college?

St. Lawrence College is an ideal center of academic excellence. The College offers education from Nursery to master’s level focusing on learner-centered activities. In addition, the college emphasize professional development in order to solidify the dream of students. The expectations and necessities of the students are taken as the greatest priority. So, I would like to request the SEE graduates to visit St. Lawrence physically and observe each activity of the college. Later, you can visit its website and acquire necessary details. If you find St. Lawrence as a trustworthy and appropriate destination for sharpening your academic career, then you’re more than welcome to enroll yourselves here. St. Lawrence is always eager to welcome you and help you to achieve your invaluable goal of life.


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