NAMI is acclaimed as an ideal learning center for multidisciplinary courses


NAMI College, established by like-minded personalities from various walks of life, is a leading educational institution that offers a range of +2 Programs in Science and Management, GCE A-Level, BSC (Hons.) Computing, M.Sc. Computing, B.Sc. (Hons) Software Engineering, B.Sc. Environmental Science, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), B.Sc. Network Engineering.

Ms. Nirmala Khatri is the plus-two coordinator at NAMI College.

What are the distinct features NAMI College that distinguish it from its contemporary institutions?

The first thing is that NAMI College is encompassing a value-based education in its academic ceiling which has been established by a team of robust and profound educators. NAMI ensures holistic growth of each student, which could be the best destination for students wishing to get enrolled in an excellent learning center. This is the platform where every student can enhance his/her two years of foundation course that would be beneficial for their ambitious career.

What other supplementary programs do you offer to your students apart from regular teaching and learning activities to escalate your students’ learning efficiency?

Apart from curriculum, we offer students a number of programs to ascertain their appealing careers. We provide them exciting programs, such as leadership development, pre-medical classes, pre-engineering classes, exciting tours and travel packages, which are consolidated in their curriculum and training.

What award-winning feature of a subject should be taken into consideration for higher education?

This is really a challenging situation for students since they get enrolled in a particular institution, most of which they might have attended in 13 years of learning period. They need to be careful while choosing a right subject because ten-plus-two education is the foundational course of their career that they are going to pursue in higher level. In addition to this, their career interest either in business or IT or medical or engineering discipline matters most. So, they must be judicious enough to decide as per their goal. And in Science and Management streams, NAMI has a variety of options that would enhance their career development.

What are other ideal aspects of a convenient institution?

Students must be aware of the distance of college from their home or rented house. If they get good learning and teaching privileges in an institution that is adjacent to their residence, it would be rewarding for them. NAMI has a perfect tranquil environment, best learning atmosphere and perfect teaching team.

What message would you like to convey to the SEE graduates and their parents?

First of all, I would like to congratulate all the SEE graduates. In addition, NAMI is eager to welcome you all here where you will avail yourselves of a plethora of course choices and learning resources. Before you pay a visit to our institution, I suggest that you visit our website to get connected with us. If you are in a situation in which you have to choose the best college to enhance your learning journey of two years, then NAMI could be an ultimate resort to acquire life-changing education. We assure you that NAMI does not only focus on curricular activities also fosters in you the life-changing interpersonal skills through a wealth of academic programs.


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