Kailashkut has outweighed all pre-existing setbacks and is going to witness a dawn of academic excellence


Narayan Prasad Paudel, Campus Chief of Kailashkut Multiple Campus, is a dynamic multi-faced personality who has also been involved in tourism, hospitality and sport sectors. He is also Deputy General Secretary of Public Campus Association. Mr. Poudel has shared his view on Public Colleges and their contributions to higher education in Nepal. Excerpts:

You are the Deputy General Secretary of Public Campus Association. Could you share with us the role of public campuses in enhancing quality education in Nepal?

There are around 590 public campuses in Nepal which are managed by the community. They are spread in different parts of Nepal, particularly in rural and remote parts. In fact, public campuses are playing a significant role in spreading the beacon of hope of higher education in the remote areas with very minimum fee structure, many of which are in a deteriorating condition and on the verge of extinction due to insufficient support and cooperation from the local and federal governmental bodies.

What role should the government and public play for the amelioration of public campuses?

Our demand is to establish at least one public university in each province. The state should bring clear and sustainable policy for the existence and development of public campus. Similarly, the government should allocate sufficient budget for upgrade and development. The local government should have significant role in consolidating the physical infrastructures and quality enhancement. The proper monitoring and evaluation of the government will be the inspiration for us. Moreover, the devotion, determination and cooperation of public and proper guidelines and concerns of the local level leaders and social activists are the driving factors which will lead us to greater achievements. Moreover, teachers, students and school management team should be driven by the motive that an educational institution is the sanctimonious place for teaching and learning activities.

You are the Campus Chief at Kailashkut Multiple Campus. Could you please shed some light on its historical stance and current status?  

The campus was established in 2048 BS with an effort of 12 visionary educationists serving in TU as professors. The campus got its affiliation from TU with the signature as guarantee of these educationists. During a three-decade long journey, the campus has undergone insurmountable ups and downs and obstacles and finally reached this level. Many campus chiefs have been changed but the condition of campus could not change as expected.

What dream have you dreamt of improving the existing condition of the campus and what efforts have you made to crystallize your dream?

I am guided by the philosophy, “You are great; so, talk less and work more”. Since my appointment as the Campus Chief in 2072, our team has been working diligently to bring reforms in both academic and administration spheres. Our plan is to make the campus a prototype of community college of the Kathmandu valley with a very short period. To achieve this dream plan, we have consulted the local, provincial and federal governments as well as national and international organizations for collaboration and cooperation. As a result, the provincial government has made a pledge worth Nrs. 25,00,000 as a grant for physical infrastructural development. Moreover, we have submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Land Reforms, Cooperative and Poverty Alleviation for an additional land on the recommendation of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (ward no. 5).

Quality education requires commitment, diligence and timely plan from the team. In this regard, we believe that unless both the teaching team and administrative team give assurance of quality education, it’s not possible to witness perpetual quality in education. So, we have formulated an action plan to provide sufficient facilities to both the teachers and administrative staff and ensure effective term and services for their sustainable entailment in teaching.

What message would you like to convey to prospective students and the guardians as the Campus Chief of Kailashkut Multiple Campus?

Kailashkut Multiple Campus is an ideal place for life-changing education at an affordable fee structure. The college also pledges scholarship privileges to the students who are financially backward. I would like to welcome all aspirants to Kailashku Multiple Campus and experience the difference in our teaching mechanisms.


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