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Suman Basnet, the Academic Director at DAV College, is a scholastic figure. He has more than one-decade long experience in academic field. Currently, he is the Secretary to Lalitpur HISSAN. Mr. Basnet has shared his view on the present condition of education in Lalitpur district and the role of HISSAN in the education development of education. Excerpts:

You are the secretary to HISSAN Lalitpur. What programs do you have in order to run the organization smoothly?

The executive committee has made commitment to work as a colleague not as a competitor. Our first emphasis is on internal improvement. Secondly, we are planning to increase the membership of HISSAN with the collective efforts. Similarly, we have prepared a plan to conduct various extra-curricular activities to strengthen our students physical and mental wellbeing.

In spite of many well-established ten-plus-two colleges in Lalitpur, we have not been completely successful in promoting our brand name in comparison to Kathmandu. What will be the role of the HISSAN in this regard?

Lalitpur is a hub for life-changing education. The Well-established schools and ten-plus-two colleges are delivering quality education at affordable fee structure. The number of students in this district is in a large volume. If we are successful in occupying them in Lalitpur for +2 education, the charm of ten-plus-two education will be widespread. For this purpose, we should develop the capability and quality of educational institutions.

In addition, the pre-requisites for the education development should be a priority, and the culture of healthy competition among the educational institutions should be developed. HISSAN, as the guardian organization of the private colleges in Nepal, should play a vital role in preparing an amicable environment.

You have had nearly a two-decade long involvement in education field. It is heard that having HSEB converted into NEB, the quality, charm and fascination of ten-plus-two course has declined. It is a fact that ten-plus-two curriculum is considered to be a pre-university education. In such a condition, what should be done to improve the quality of education?  

I have more than 15 years of experience of ten-plus-two education in Nepal. In my experience, there is a vast difference in the quality of education between the then HSEB and the present NEB. The grading evaluation system has deteriorated the quality of education as well as reading culture of students.

In fact, ten-plus-two education is the turning point of students’ academic career. In this level, students prepare basic ground for university education. So, the quality education should be assured by appealing physical infrastructure, qualified human workforce and adequate learning resources. The educational institutions should develop institutional capability and sustainability to exist impeccably in the long run. In this regard, DAV is quite efficient of delivering quality education to meet the demand of present society.

How would you like to acknowledge the achievement of DAV graduates in the global market?

DAV imparts global standard quality education in a peaceful and proper academic environment. We focus on practical orientation and inculcation of good human culture and ethic along with formal education. Our students have achieved outstanding successes in their higher study and global job market.

What distinct features does DAV have in the academic arena?

The curricular activities are found similar in all colleges, but the difference is found in our unique way of imparting education. Our emphasis is on practical orientation along with the theoretical education. Some skill-generating programs, such as, power point Presentation, leadership development and grooming of students based on their aptitude are our prime concern. We have managed to install a TV in each classroom for tutorials and presentation.

We instill into our students a value-based education and inspire them to get involved in social activities. Our students participate in social service as part of their social responsibility. They are provided with such an environment where they get a platform to expose their inherent talents through various clubs.


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