Consolidation of latest technology in pedagogies ensures exceptional teaching


Dr. Rajendra KC, the Founder Principal of Southwestern State College is multi-faceted personality having involved in social activities besides academics, has received a wealth of fame and fortune. He has also involved in hospitality and commercial agriculture (coffee farming) sectors. Dr. KC has been supporting 60 orphans for their education and livelihood as the chief patron for nine years. He is also the President of University of Three Generations that aims to control brain drain and develop nation with the combined efforts of three generations-teens, youths and elderly ones. Dr.  KC wants to yoke the invaluable experience with unquenchable enthusiasm to educate and train the youngsters. Excerpts:

Most colleges wax and wane over the time but Southwestern State College has maintained the long-sustained legacy of being excellent. How has it been possible?

The theory of management system has focused on the system of institution at least once in a decade. The global practice of management is to replace the personnel in different departments every year or within a couple of years and at least within 10 years to handle the new responsibility for its effective accomplishment. The mission and vision of the institution should be reformed to address the existing time and the society. It is true that the personnel become outdated within 10 years. So, the institution has to develop a 10-year-vision plan every 10 years to remain at the apex level of all time. It is also obvious that the vision and mission should be changed as the change of time and situation. Every 10 years, every institution should adopt a new vision plan. Southwestern State College fully applies the management system theory. So, it prepares vision plan in an interval of every 10 years.

Research is the only way to update and upgrade the institution with latest technological advancement consolidating it with humanity. You often articulate this line. How firm has Southwestern State College been with this notion?

We have allocated certain percentage of total budget for research work. We never prepare vision plan haphazardly. Our research team analyzes the global trend and need of the nation and prepares vision plan to sort out the existing problems and fulfill the shortage as well as address the demand of the market.

Ten-plus-two curricula are supposed to be stuffed with a lot of challenges. How would these curricula be made more practicable and more purposive?

There are a lot of challenges in the existing curricula in terms of student satisfaction and need of changing society. A curriculum is not sufficient for fulfilling the global market demand, which cannot cover all the aspects for holistic development of students. So, our college has prepared an additional informal course and implement it along with formal courses. The government courses are allocated 50% of total time and remaining 50% time is given to informal life-skill courses. In addition, our priority to extra-curricular activities is to ensure the exposure of our students. We focus on hiking, international tour, yoga, super learning, presentation, games, sports etc. as informal courses.

What things should be kept in mind before embarking on the enrollment in a ten-plus-two school?

In fact, proper foundation is a must for learners from Nursery to PhD level for the assurance of their performance and academic excellence. They ought to be involved in project work, presentation, research work and case study according to their standard. It is also fact that the students will be provided formal education in every school and college. But life-skill education is not provided by academic institutions. So, students are advised that they choose such a college that focuses on student exposure and practical orientation to develop the problem-solving skills.  

In addition to this, they should consider the physical infrastructure, location of college, faculty, past results, management team and academic environment of the college.

Most plus-two graduates wish to get flung to foreign countries for further studies, which has increased dramatically over the recent years. What roles can private colleges and government play to mitigate such problems?

There are 3 million schools and 7.6 million students up to the SEE and as many as 38000 in ten-plus-two institutions. Similarly, there are 11 universities in Nepal. South Korea, which has nearly the same area and population as Nepal, has around 1000 universities there. So, the number of universities with diversified courses should be increased and the government should create an amicable environment to attract foreign students.

The mild climate, cultural and religious diversity, and natural beauty are the attraction of Nepal that fascinate most international students. Similarly, private colleges should cooperate with the government in curriculum development and establishment of universities.

What message would you like to convey to the SEE graduates and their guardians?

The SEE is not an iron gate anymore. It is a regular process of upgrading oneself into the higher level of academic attainment. So, you are suggested choosing a right subject that can accommodate your aptitude and aspirations. Similarly, you are advised to choose a college that can fulfill your dream and does not become burdensome to your parents financially. In this regard, Southwestern College can be your ultimate resort for life-changing education.


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