Academic reforms from grass root level are inevitable for paradigm shift in education


Gopiraj Parajuli, the Principal of Precious National College, is also the Secretary of HISSAN Kathmandu. Mr. Parajuli has discussed the existing challenges of curricula and the need of their amendment to meet both national and global requisites. Excerpts:

How do you assess the contribution of private +2 colleges to the development of education in Nepal?

The contribution of +2 private colleges in the education development of Nepal is praiseworthy. If there were no private colleges in Nepal, the flow of students going to foreign lands in search of quality education would be massive and immeasurable. These colleges have not only diminished the number of outgoing students also prepared adroit human resources and created a wealth of job opportunities for them, which has resulted in brain-drain control.

You have had long involvement in education sector. What challenges have you experienced in the present ten-plus-two level curricula of Nepal?

In my experience, there are a lot of challenges not only in +2 education but also in all curricula. Nepal is a diversified country. So, we need flexibly diversified courses. The same hackneyed curriculum cannot replenish the growing needs of the nation. It is not designed as per the diversity, accessibility of natural resources and the need of human resources. So, it should be designed to meet the demand of the society and the nation.  Similarly, the curriculum is more theoretical, and focus is not given to its practical orientation. So, it is the great challenge to convert classroom education into practical orientation.

It is felt that following the conversion of HSEB into NEB, the quality, craze and charm of +2 education has dramatically declined. And now the NEB is limited to only evaluation part. How is your experience regarding this?

It does not have any effect on the flow of students, teaching and learning and conducting regular classes. Its contribution to the development of education is still praiseworthy. However, it has created extrapolations among students and parents that +2 education is not higher education which does not require any diligence of students for class upgrade. So, the negligence of students has increased due to the rumor that no one fails the exams. We, therefore, infer that its charm has decreased psychologically not in reality. 

You are also the secretary of Kathmandu HISSAN. It is alleged that most colleges have not maintained uniformity in distribution of scholarship privileges to deserving students. What should be done to maintain uniformity?

I think there is uniformity in granting scholarship which is compulsory to them as the corporate responsibility. Still, there is a variation in internal scholarship grants in each college. There is an unhealthy brawl in enrolling the students, i.e. full scholarship to undeserving candidates, free admission, waving of monthly tuition fee etc. So, HISSAN has developed some criteria that will control such rampant college owners.

Students are still in confusion of selecting a right college for their further education. What things should students consider while choosing a right college?

It is human nature to claim their belongings to be most significant, but no one can deny that their college is the most mediocre one. So, it is true that every college claims that it is the best, which sounds manipulative and such advertisement is not good. In my view, students should be given independent rights to choose the college of their interest and subject as per their aptitude and dream. They should choose such a college that will surely help them fulfill their dream. Moreover, the scope and the demand of the market should also be considered while choosing the right subject.

What suggestions would you like to give to the SEE appeared students as the Principal of Precious National College?

First of all, I would like to convey my best wishes to them for their desired success. Furthermore, I suggest that they choose the right college and right subject based on their own decision assuming their conducive career.


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