Bhaktapur district ensures learning abundance with excellent academic outcomes


Anil Kasapal, the Founder Director at Modern School /College, is an entrepreneurial academician, President of Bhaktapur HISSAN and Principal at Universal Modern College. Mr.  Kasapal has shared his view on the present status of +2 colleges in Bhaktapur district and the role of HISSAN in developing academic excellence. Excerpts:

You have a three-decade long involvement in private education, and you hold the position of the President of Bhaktapur HISSAN. In your analysis, how is the present status of +2 education in Bhaktapur district?

There are 13 private ten-plus-two colleges including khwopa and Bageswori in Bhaktapur district. Similarly, around six thousand students complete Secondary Education Examinations (SEE) every year from this district. Among them, around three thousand students pursue higher education in Bhaktapur district. However, in comparison with the number of SEE graduates, the number of colleges is inadequate to accommodate all the SEE graduates of Bhaktapur district.

It is seen that Bhatapur is successful in retaining the students up to SEE, but about a half population leaves the district in search of quality education in its neighboring districts— Kathmandu and Lalitpur. Have you formulated any strategic plan to stop such a large number of population from leaving the district for higher education?

In the past, there were a very few government colleges providing higher education in Bhaktapur, which was not sufficient. In addition, they were not insufficient to quench the academic pursuits and aspiration of students. So, there was a trend among the SEE graduates to leave the district for higher education in the past. After the establishment of private colleges, Bhakpaur has made tremendous achievement in delivering quality education. As a result, the outflow of students to other districts has been gradually decreased. So, these are the credentials that prove that there is an increase in the capability and satisfaction of students with the efforts of private sector.

Since you are the President of Bhaktapur HISSAN, what institutional efforts have you made from the side of HISSAN to create a convincing environment for the SEE graduates to pursue ten-plus-two education in Bhaktapur?

HISSAN has played a significant role in creating an amicable environment for the SEE graduates to pursue their higher education in their hometown— Bhaktapur. HISSAN has been able to convene all school principals of Bhaktapur district and requested them to support our campaign. Similarly, we have been visiting most private schools of the district and counselling the students of grade them regularly.

What are the trustworthy factors that prove that there is a trustworthy atmosphere for academic excellence in Bhaktapur district? 

The SEE result and further achievement of our passed out students prove that we have maintained an appropriate environment for academic excellence in Bhaktapur. 

What further efforts has Modern College made for the assurance of academic excellence?  

Modern College is the Centre of academic excellence. Sufficient and modern physical infrastructure, techno friendly and project-based education, group study exchange programs with international schools, additional professional courses beyond regular courses etc. are the benchmarks of the college. Moreover, we focus on student participation in British Council’s courses with a motive of producing global citizens.

In spite of thorough counseling of colleges, a dilemma is seen among SEE graduates about choosing a right college and subject. Based on your experience, what are the things to be considered before the enrollment?

Students should evaluate their own ability themselves and choose a right subject and college that can fulfill their dreams. In addition, physical infrastructures, available subject, past results, location of college are other areas that are to be considered before embarking on the enrollment.

What suggestions would you like to convey to the SEE graduates as the Principal of Universal Modern College?

Universal Modern College is the center of academic excellence. It is well-recognized institution in terms of physical infrastructure, sustainability and convenience. So, I would like to request the SEE graduates to visit the college and explore all the resources available here.


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