We must prepare our students considering changing paradigms of Laxman Ghimire Chairperson Cosmic International School learning & employability


How do you analyze the contributions of private and boarding schools to progressive education in Nepal?

Private education has an invaluable contribution to the development of education sector in Nepal. About 80% of quality education in Nepal is maintained by private schools. This could be true private educational institutions have curtailed the huge national currency from being drained out in search of quality education by dillydallying Nepalese youths. Currently, there is an appropriate environment for children of elite groups in Nepal to pursue their education in a progressive school which ensures ultra-modern infrastructures and cutting-edge technologies and gives best of international standards.

It is heard that the majority of schools are discussing progressive education model that incorporates life-skill, cultural understanding and cutting-edge technology in the apex level. Has Cosmic College incorporated them?

Cosmic Int’l College offers student-centric teaching and learning approaches that incorporate life-skills, cultural practices and technological privileges. We focus on ethical and practical orientation while delivering education. Technology is used for practical learning. Therefore, students feel comfortable with the learning environment we have maintained here. Ethical values and norms are internalized in students with a view to produce virtuous human resources. So, Cosmic College has a congenial learning atmosphere by making students engaged, innovative and informed.

It is obvious that education cannot be completed without incorporating it with knowledge and skills. How these things can be made applicable in education?

In fact, education is the blend of life-skills, cultural understanding and practice, and high ethical value. We should direct our education towards practical orientation by adopting the approach, ‘Learning by doing’. Students should be motivated and guided to apply their learning from the beginning. They should be motivated to apply the moral value, such as respecting parents and seniors, loving juniors, developing both interpersonal and intrapersonal communication finesse, maintaining good camaraderie with the neighbors and community members etc. which they learn at school. Moreover, students should be encouraged to manage their belongings, viz. books, exercise books, accessories by themselves. It is possible with the combined efforts of the school, teachers and parents.

What would be the position of education if we fail to deliver it to students with skills and culture?

Indeed, brain-drain rate will increase. Nepal will be the country of elderly people and children who are always dependent. We will see the increment in the number of job seekers over job creators. The entrepreneurship will not develop in the country. There will be a decline in labor work and sense of devotion, service to the nation, the rate of happiness and will gradually decrease. Similarly, we will lose self-motivated and self-disciplined human resources.

What are the distinguished features of Cosmic International College?

The education we offer incorporates life-changing skills, moral ethics and values, social dogmas and etiquettes which are associated with technology. We practice advanced and dynamic teaching and learning approach with a view to produce dynamic human resources in the changing paradigms of learning and employability.

Similarly, we focus on practical and activity-based learning in a convincing environment. The college has maintained an amicable relationship with the parents through regular interaction sessions which enable us to explore hidden potentials of students. Also, we create an environment for students where they interact with the society members.

Finally, what message would you like to convey to the parents as the Chairperson of Cosmic College?

The coronavirus pandemic has created an adverse effect in smooth teaching and learning. We are preparing to fill the lacunae in education which have been created by the intimidating pandemic. Similarly, our mission is to make Nepal a hub of quality education for both native and foreign nationals. In addition, our campaign adheres to development of progressive education in Nepal. So, I request all our valued parents and stakeholders to join hand in hand to bring a paradigm shift in the education sphere in Nepal.


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