SUPREME ACADEM enriches its students with all sorts of 21st century skills


Could you please tell us what should be education like in the 21st century?

Twenty first education stands best when it is technologyaided. Firstly, students should be familiar with the attributes of technology and its application alongside education from an early age. Secondly, an education that creates employment opportunities is highly effective. Educated but unemployed and unskilled manpower is of no use. Unemployment is the main cause why Nepalese students fly abroad for higher education. When sustainable jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities are guaranteed, Nepalese students will definitely pursue their education in Nepal.

How well is Supreme Academy updated with technology, skills, and job opportunities for students?

The opportunities that we have provided follow the guideline of Nepalese education policy like any other Nepalese schools. We have connected our students with IT by making computer classes a compulsion from grade 3 onwards. Adding to it, we also facilitate online teaching-learning. Students pursuing hotel management in +2 are taken to restaurants for training and internships; however, they are limited to the curriculum set by the government. When effective educational policies are made at the government level, not just Supreme Academy but all the schools will progress.

What are the roles of private institutions for the quality enhancement of education?

Being the educational hub of Nepal, Kathmandu has leading educational institutes in the private sector as compared to the government sector. Data have shown that results of board exams of private institutes are more proficient than that of community schools. Thus, private institutions have led Nepal to compete with foreign education, if not – Nepal would still be following education of the 19th century in this 21st century.

What suggestions would you like to convey to prospective parents and students while choosing a right school? Supreme Academy accommodates all the basic requirements needed in this 21st century for their holistic growth. Firstly, we have an extraordinary cluster of teaching faculty. Also, the non-teaching staff are courteous and trained enough to deal with all age groups of people. Finally, all of our board members belong to the education faculty and are driven to provide quality education at bare minimum cost. Thus, I believe that the guardians have understood this state and I’m ever grateful for this.

What message do you want to convey to students and guardians as the Founder Principal of Supreme Academy?

The corona pandemic has rendered adverse effects in the education sector. Nevertheless, it enabled us to get acquainted with the virtual system of education and to adopt global education trend. Still, some children have been found misusing and mishandling internet. So, I suggest the parents to care their children properly.

Similarly, the children have been not familiar with our culture, value, language, food habit and costume gradually. So, we should make them familiar with our unique identity from our home and school. So, as the principal, I would like to suggest parents and the students to choose the school that impart education with skill, culture and ethic as well as internalize human value, dignity and sociability as well as cultivate the sense of dignity towards our unique identity.


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