Project-based education gives our students privilege of global exposure


What should education be like in the 21st century?

In one swipe, all the guardians and students can gather an enormous amount of data regarding what kind of education is the best for the future. Coming to the 21st century, education should not be limited to books and copies rather it should get exposure to all horizons of learning. The education should come along with skills and expertise along with technological involvement to make the students outshine.

How well is your school updated with technology, skills, and job opportunities for students?

We’ve been working closely with the British Council and have been recognized with various awards. Our education relates to culture, ethnicity, diversity, skills, and technology in several ways. Due to today’s guardians who are busy with their daily schedule, we have provisions to teach culture and language in the school itself. We teach project-based education from primary level for the holistic development of students.

What roles has this school played in the quality enhancement of private education?

We have been engaging our students in various extra-curricular activities along with self–discipline. Due to overexposure to social media and electronic gadgets at an early age, students of today have been pushed away from social life. Our school has been working to address this issue by exposing them to society and social causes. We’re glad that our education system has also shifted from traditional to practical-based courses. We’re also connecting with international schools and colleges to exchange our culture with each other and provide international exposure to our students.

What are the roles of private institutions for quality enhancement of education?

In absence of private schools, I’m sure this country wouldn’t stand where it is today. Although it is a sad fact that students fly abroad for higher education, their capability to sustain themselves in a foreign land is also the result of quality private education provided in Nepal. The government hasn’t funded the educational system as much as it should have. Despite this catastrophe, there has been no compromise on quality education from the private sector. Teachers and guardians have invested more than the government in upholding the education system which has to be appreciated. Students from the private sector are also the citizens of this nation. If the nation succeeds in giving opportunities to them, I’m sure the country would flourish more. The Government should work on providing enough investment and job opportunities to students of this nation.

Has the school gotten any support from the local government so far?

Local government has supported us sometimes. Its main responsibility is to push the government schools to uplift quality education; thus, it has not felt the need to visit our school time and again to coordinate with us. I hope one day it starts emphasizing private schools as much as it emphasizes community schools. They should realize that we’re all contributing equally to the nation’s development.

What message do you want to convey to students and guardians?

Dealing with Covid for 2 years has taught us that we should not be limited to only physical education but also go virtual. While going virtual, students are exposed to unlimited good and bad sources of information. We should navigate our students for optimistic use of these mediums. We should keep them in discipline from home regarding culture and life skills. The education should be limited to studying but also working. This generation of students is being prepared for globalization; thus, there should be no compromise on quality education from the government, guardians, and schools.


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