Could you please tell us about your educational journey?

I started my journey of education from 2056 BS by establishing a technical school in Surkhet. In fact, I am from Ayurvedic Medical Sector by profession. But I entered the academic sector with the view to bring change in the society. I started TSLC program with the view to produce technical human resources that can create employment opportunities by themselves. My contributions to preparation of technical human resources in Bheri, Rapti and Karnali regions are immense.

I operated six programs of TSLC and produced thousands of technical workforces. This could be the reason for getting a number of meritorious awards from National Technical School and the Ministry of Education. Besides this, I have conducted vocational training in various parts of Bheri, Rapti and Karnali regions during the time of peace process. I had given training to youths with the view to make them self-employed and help them create job opportunities for others. I have conducted a series of training on construction for masons, carpentry, offseason vegetable training.

You are from Ayurvedic and technical education sector. What factor encouraged you to enter into school education?

My daughter studied in Malpi School. I heard about progressive education from Jyoti Man Sherchan of Malpi School and came to know that learning should be concept-based rather than content-based in this competitive world. So, I searched on internet and website about IB and IPC education and came to know that international Baccalaureate (IB) program aims to do more than other curricula and develops inquiry-based education which is really effective for young people to succeed even at crises. In other words, progressive education gives students distinct advantage by building their critical thinking, skills, nurturing their curiosity and their ability to solve complex problems. This education model challenges them with thoughtprovoking questions, allows them to think critically, helps them to learn about various disciplines and develops their research skills. Similarly, I happened to know about IPC (International Primary Curriculum) as well.

I studied in detail about IB and IPC education system and also found that only two schools, namely Premier and Ullens were operating such education. I visited these schools and acquired lots of ideas. My target was to catch the middle upperclass parents. Then I founded Machhapuchhre School in 2072 BS and prepared all the infrastructures and prerequisites as determined by IB. Then I applied for IB and got an accreditation. Subsequently, I started IB based education with the essential training to the principal, coordinators and teachers.

You have started an IB model school as you got obsessed with progressive education. What are the chief features of progressive education?

The main philosophy of progressive approach is conceptbased learning rather tha content-based learning. IB has determined ten learning profiles. So, progressive education is such education that follows these ten learning profiles or imparts education incorporating these ten learning profiles which make students inquirers, researchers, global thinkers, risk takers, leaders and so on.

If we impart education adopting traditional way of learning, the education will be useless after 15 years. So, I decided to impart progressive education to meet the demand of the time.

In the present situation, education should be incorporated with knowledge, skills, culture and technology. How has IB consolidated these four benchmarks with education delivery?

These four things are the basic elements of IB philosophy. IB basically focuses on two things: developing good human beings and global thinkers who can adjust themselves in any sorts of circumstances. The students are encouraged to explore their inner talents, generate respect for parents and seniors, socialize themselves and develop leadership quality. Therefore, the IB model has been adopted by more than 153 countries in the world.

Finally what message would you like to convey to the parents and students as Managing Director of Machapuchhre School?

Machapuchhre School has adopted a complete IB model. There are all pre-requisites needed for IB education, such as state-ofthe-art infrastructure, good management and trained facilitators. IB is of international standard. So, I suggest that prospective parents and students visit the school and learn about IB model. I also assure them that they can count on us as we will surely develop your child as a global thinker.


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