Our progressive education methodologies supercharge leaners’ global outreach


According to you, what is progressive education?

The education that modifies its structure with the changing times and scenarios of society is called progressive education. In addition, in this era of globalization, students need a foundation of strong education to prosper in the scenario and such a privilege which can fulfill the needs of the global market can be defined as progressive education.

How well does South Western School promote Skills, Culture, and Technology as part of education?

The definition of culture has changed with time. We see students being away from their culture today. When education and culture are merged, we can build a strong foundation for students; this foundation will result in big achievements when they are practically implemented. A student with a subconscious mind is likely to achieve good grades when s/he applies the right skills at the right time. Thus, South Western School encourages young leaners to consolidate education into skills, culture, and technology for their holistic development in the 21st century.

How is South Western School different from other schools in Nepal?

South Western School is an ISA certified school. We have been recognized for the international standard of safety, quality, and efficacy. We equally focus on extra-curricular activities apart from textbook-oriented teachings since we believe these activities boost the confidence of students and help them figure out their strengths and weaknesses. Our school has Happiness Curriculum which is a compulsory curriculum in India. We also have a 3D-Eye Program where students are familiarized with animation. Only few listed schools have this program and students are found to love this program. We are also affiliated with Karkhana which provides practical instruments and kits to ease the complexities of Science and Mathematics subjects. We are also a part of the Nepal School Federation which makes our school standout and provide us international exposure. Our classroom infrastructure is well-built and tech-driven. We also take our students on field trips and ask them to make a presentation or report. We encourage them to talk in English medium presuming the power of an international language.

Thus, we stand as a top-notch school in Tokha and Nepal as a whole; our SEE results with 4 GPA records are a visible proof of this.

How can we say that South Western School has prepared globally competitive graduates?

As mentioned before, we put all our efforts into ushering the best of our student’s capabilities into greater heights. It’s a matter of pride that most of our former students have excelled in various fields professionally. Only education is not enough in today’s world; hence, our students have been found to be holistically developed and competent even in higher levels. Our commitment always adheres to the assurance of holistic development of our students. The guardians also desire for both academic growth and physical growth of their child(ren). Thus, we proclaim that we have been preparing our students to be globally competitive and employable.

How far do you agree or disagree that parents’ involvement is vital for their children’s holistic development?

Of course, this scenario was evident in times of Covid pandemic itself – parents who were involved in their child’s education didn’t find any difficulty in virtual classes but children with no guidance from parents struggled a lot when they joined physical classes. Most students with proper skills and culture have been brought up by educated and responsible parents. Schools, parents, and students have an interdependent relationship which is important to ensure sustainability for a purposeful result. We also invite our valued parents timely to counsel them to show their direct involvement and concerns about their child’s holistic development apart from worrying only about their academic grades.

What should the local government do to improve the existing condition of schools in Nepal?

I have to agree that Tokha local government is very optimistic and supportive of educational transformation. They have assisted us in all possible ways they can by following all educational policies. They have helped us to conduct numerous training sessions and seminars for the teachers, principal, and students. In addition, they showed their great concerns during the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic and even took our suggestions in making right decision during the pandemic crises. With support like this, I’m sure local educational institutes can flourish well in a short time.

Apart from this, I extend my hearty gratitude to this top-notch English magazine, College Readers. I have witnessed this magazine’s progress in every possible way throughout these years. I wish them all the luck with their future endeavors. And, a big thank-you to the College Readers magazine for allowing me to express my views on trending educational practices


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