BHM is the only faculty that sets no restraints on learners


I f there’s one subject that students with any abilities and background can study, it’s BHM. Only core subjects are included in BHM which take account of Kitchen, Service, Housekeeping, Front Office, and much more. Mass-cooking in hotels, serving the visitors, management of hotel rooms, hospitality, and courteousness are practically taught at BHM level.

We track and note everyday activities of our students and teach them accordingly. The subject modules are added and amended as per the global market trends and the things that are important for the future.

Students are also exposed to seminars, case studies, and presentations at international level alongside their educational syllabus. They are also taught the staple steps to experiment with problems and find possible solutions while implementing the bookish knowledge into practical life. We tend to analyze things from our student’s perspectives because we don’t want to set limitations to them as just our students but as an all-rounded persona with unlimited possibilitie.

This course can be taken by students from any educational background. This skilled-based and life-oriented course comes in handy for students willing to take a vocational course that is more inclined practically than theoretically. All the subject teachers and the principal of this institution are affiliated with one or the other industries which makes it feasible for students to learn with examples and get their queries addressed. Apart from these privileges, our students are also taken to industry visits and have been involved in extracurricular activities, such as sports for the past 4 years. This is our initial step to make the students capable of multiple doings so that they are well prepared for the real world.

Hotel management courses can be implied in numerous fields in the context of Nepal. First and foremost, one can fit in various roles relating to hotel and hospitality industry. In travel and tourism, one has scope in ticketing, airfares, cruises, and much more. In aircraft, one can be a flight attendant, service provider, and so on. All these sectors require adequate knowledge and skills taught in BHM. One can work as a dietician in a fitness center. The nutrition sector can be impacted by the skills fostered in BHM where people can work to spread awareness and counseling on the right consumption of food and balanced diet.

If one is not willing to contribute to the frontline after completion of the BHM course, they can also work in the backline for posts like storekeeping, reservation, telephone updating, etc. After the completion of hotel management course, there’s no specific sector that one needs to indulge him/ herself in as they are open to abundant possibilities inside and outside hotel industry.

Himalayan White House International College holds differently recognized specifications for BHM students by giving utmost precedence to practical knowledge. It exposes its students to the identical software used in hotels for their concrete applications. Upon the completion of their BHM Course, students are also provided with a certificate of Barista. We also have 360 Bar for laboratory exposure where students are taught to make the world’s best wines with plentiful varieties. It is used mainly for winemaking and wine tasting. We have enabled our students to perform practically while enduring classroom education.


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