KMC retains the legacy of best educational practice along with strong foundational support for learners


Most of the top-notch institutions of Kathmandu have introduced the ‘Progressive education model” through their effective teaching and learning methodologies. How far has KMC adopted this model?

“Progressive” nature is inherent in education which is a regular phenomenon. This model incorporates activity-based teaching and learning where students’ behavior is closely observed, and their convincing performance is guaranteed. We are adopting these things simultaneously and equally to get expected results. Out effort is to let KMC guardians witness positive change in their child’s learning and behavior; so, we have adopted a progressive education model and enabled our students to apply such education in real life as well.

KMC believes that our students ought to have the knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects of learning which gives them an insight into resolving academic questions, and personal and social issues tactfully. Regarding the assessment, rather than term exams we focus on assessment-based learning that includes the mechanism in which students are given marks on the basis of their classroom performance. Their overall behavior and academic efficiency is the reflection of what kind of education they have been given. In this regard, we are thriving for bringing holistic change in students to help them to compete in global settings. We will see a drastic change within next three years.

It is often said that knowledge should equip the students with skills and culture and connect them to technology to compete in the global setting. How far has KMC been successful in linking knowledge with skills, culture and technology? How competent and confident are students in delivery of learning?

It is crucial because whatever students learn they should be able to express their ideas, contention and academic issues in the school. And beyond their learning sphere, they should be articulate while talking with the people in the community. For this purpose, we have to strengthen their learning capacity through our student-centric activity-based teaching and learning practices. In this regard, we have introduced a range of soft-skill courses, such as communication, discussion and confidence-boosting. We also engage them in research-based activities and encourage to present themselves effectively in front of a mass of people. Subsequently, they will be able to diagnose own problems, find solutions, and finally we give them constructive feedback. As a result, our students can easily find their places and spaces in any types of adverse situations and act as harbingers of positive change.

Not only myriads parents also most students want to ensure enrollment in KMC until they earn a graduation from here. What aspects of KMC fascinate both parents and students?

It’s a relevant question since most parents want to be part of KMC. First and foremost, we treat our students as our family members. Second, we always encourage them to tackle with difficult situations through our motivational programs. Third, we have ensured such an environment that enables our students to worship hard work, culture and social harmony. Moreover, our academic performance and retention of our flagship are our greatest assets which most parents and guardians covet to be part of KMC. Moreover, the students acquire appealing marks in the examinations, show respectful behavior, earn high morality and professionalism which are the benchmarks of KMC. Students may feel difficult to adjust themselves with our distinct teaching and learning environment in the beginning, but the strong foundation they get escalate their both education and skills will definitely pave a way for their professional well-being, which eventually pays back to KMC as well. When our pupils earn appealing graduation from KMC, they come back to us and applaud our efforts. They feel grateful for what we did to them. Since thousands of parents and guardians have trusted our schooling, we ensure every learner enrolled here can experience life-changing education that makes lasting impacts on them. Our parents and guardians show godliness behavior; therefore, they are our strongest assets.

What are your final remarks that would inspire the existing and prospective parents?

In my perspectives, our education impartation should ensure leaving lasting impact on learners that ultimately changes their lives and instills in their minds that hard work and dedication surely pays off at the end. I would say our parents are the invaluable asset to our organization which always drives us towards the development of society and the nation.


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