Essence of progressive education is for making leaners socially responsible, personally independent, nationally patriotic and globally competent


You have had a long experience in education sector in Nepal. In your experience, what type of education is suitable for Nepalese learners to acquire the 21st century skills?

In my opinion, the education, which is dynamic, innovative, proactive, techno-friendly and ethical, can be defined as progressive education. Currently, private education sector has been taking initiative of progressive education as a campaigner. Cooperation of the government is inevitable for its successful implementation throughout the country.

At present, the slogan “education with skills, culture and ethics” is burning like wildfire. In your analysis, is it possible to integrate all these attributes with the existing educational practice in Nepal?

In fact, the consolidation of skills, culture and ethics into education makes the existing education system perfect. Such education not only makes an individual confident and adjustable in the society it also makes him/her responsible towards family, community and the nation. Through progressive education, students build up their confidence as they follow ‘Learning by doing’ philosophy which is completely activitybased. The students are motivated to apply the moral value, such as respecting parents, loving juniors, respecting seniors, establishing interpersonal relationship, effective communication and interaction with neighbors and community people etc. in their everyday practice. But such education is not fully available in the context of Nepal. It can be achieved with the combined effort of the government and the private sector. Our teaching orientation should be directed towards producing human resources that are socially responsible, personally independent, nationally patriotic, globally competent and are able to create job opportunities.

You have been involved in the private sector education and its umbrella organization PABSON for a long time. As Secretary to the Central PABSON, how do you asses the current education status and the role of PABSON and the Government?

There are more than tenthousand-member schools under the umbrella organization of PABSON. Some other schools are running under other types of umbrella organizations which shows the contributions of private education sector to the development of education. However, the government has underestimated the contributions of private school and has brought discriminatory and dual education policy. Equality is not maintained between private and government schools due to the dual education policy, act and working procedures. The PABSON has been lobbing with the government and the stakeholders to bring equal policy, act and procedures. The private sector’s investors should be confident regarding the security of their investment since they are not assured due to the negligence of government towards private schools. The students of private schools are being deprived of getting facilities from the state, such as scholarship for their higher studies. Therefore, equality in education is our campaign, and quality education is our destination. Quality education delivered by private schools is the matter of pride not only for us but also for the nation.

You are the Chairperson of Wisdom English Academy and Edmark Academy. Based on your academic entailment, how do we measure the quality of education each institution is delivering?

Parents and students’ increasing attraction towards Wisdom English Academy and Edmark Academy shows that we are successful in delivering quality education. We conduct regular interaction sessions among the parents, teachers and students. The feedback from the parents and the students is implemented here. We never compromise on health, quality and technology.

Finally, what message would you like to convey to the parents and readers of this magazine as the Chairperson of Wisdom English Academy and Edmark Academy?

Wisdom English Academy and the Edmark Academy are the center for quality education, and delivery of quality education is our goal. So, we are working with the devotion and determination to deliver education focusing on student-centric approach in all our institutions that are under the umbrella of Edmark. The curricular and extra-curricular activities are given equal importance with the mission of incorporating education with skills, culture and technology. We are not everything and perfect by ourselves.

So, I request all the parents and well-wishers to extend cooperation to our mission and campaign of delivering handson education


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