Your great deal of time and effort for upliftment of private education sector is worthy of appraisal. In your words, what is the role of PABSON in the development of education in Nepal?

Private schools are established according to the norms and education policy of the government. They are operating on the basis of prevalent education acts. Similarly, they conduct their academic programs based on the curriculum of Nepal Government. The efforts of private schools to deliver quality education is oriented towards the upliftment of education in Nepal. Its benefit goes to the society and the nation. So, private schools are also part of the government. The attraction of parents and students for private schools is increasing day by day is due to the delivery of quality education. In fact, the existence of private schools depends on the quality education and the satisfaction of parents and students. In other words, private schools have been delivering education focusing on research and innovation as well as skill-generating orientation.

There is much discussion on the essence of progressive education in Nepal that imbibes technological, life enhancing and cultural skills that befit the 21st century era. To what extent do you think that you have assimilated your efforts into progressive education?

We have been operating Arunima School under Arunima Education Foundation, and Arunima College under Arunima Education Network. We have prepared all the pre-requisites of progressive education, such as physical infrastructures, curriculum and human resource development and management. We have made education techno-friendly integrating technology with teaching and learning activities.

Our teachers are trained, hardworking and dedicated. Similarly, we have managed a resourceful library and a well-equipped laboratory for practical education. Apart from these facilities, presentation, project work and other extra-curricular activities are given high priority along with curricular activities. We orient our students towards skill-enhancing projects. In this regard, our programs are interlinked with society and nature. We orient our students to be self-motivated, self-reliant, socially responsible.

To inculcate technological proficiency of students, the school has introduced IT course from the junior level. And undoubtedly, our BBA & BCA programs are techno technology. And our leadership development program is phenomenal. Besides, the school invites various software experts to give our students insights into technology which ensures their career in this field.

What other additional activities are carried out by your institution for quality enhancement?

Arunima is an ultimate resort for acquiring 21st century skills. We, therefore, have earned trust of parents and the public in the history of 37 years of Arunima which is a great deal of effort.

Our focus on curricular, cocurricular and extracurricular activities is close to learning, elocution, quiz, games, sports, dance and music, arts and health related activities and so on which enable our students to explore their inner capabilities. Individual care is appreciable, and activity-based teaching and learning activities are adopted in consolidation with progressive education. Similarly, power point presentation, field visit, problem solving, discussion and sharing ideas etc. are some of the activity-based learning.

We have organized a series of seminars, workshops and teacher training events based on the curriculum and contemporary issues. In addition, parents, students and teachers’ interaction programs are regularly organized to understand the level of students. Corresponding to culture teaching, we teach our students core values which underpin their personal and social etiquettes. So, Knowledge, skills, culture and technology are the bases of culturally enriched education at Arunima.

How is your experience corresponding to the cooperation of local government, particularly in monitoring and evaluation?

As of today, we have found the role of local government satisfactory. But it should improve its efficiency and concentration more than this on acquiring purposeful results.

What suggestions would you like to convey to the parents and the students as the Principal of Arunima College?

Arunima carries a legacy of successful education delivery. It not only transfers knowledge also it encourages students to transform the gained knowledge into wisdom, which is a part of progressive education. The school would not have flourished much without the unconditional support of our valued parents, guardians and stakeholders. As principal, I expect to see warm cooperation from the parents in the days to come.


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