Progressive education is the latest version of impirical knowledge facilitated by teachers at schools


You have had about a three-decade long experience in education sector and PABSON stewardship. In your experience, how should be the forthcoming school education of Nepal that befits the 21st century skills?

While analyzing education system of Nepal, we should go back to the ancient era. In those days, the saints and sages used to impart ethical value based education and life-skills to the pupils. Similarly, we find significant difference between the 20th and 21st centuries. The education system of the 21st century has made a significant achievement, particularly in technological advancement. All the daily house chores done by a mother, such as sweeping, cleaning, cooking, etc. are essential parts of education. So, in my opinion, the forthcoming school education should be mixture of ethical values as our ancestors performed in the past. The modern teaching and learning mechanism should conglomerate culture, ethics, moral and traditional behavior into science, technology and innovations which complete the 21st century education.

At present, there is realization of the need of education incorporating knowledge, skills, culture and technology. To what extent is Valley Public School successful in accomplishing it?

Valley Public School has focused on thematic education as the demand of changed academic paradigm and society. With the advent of 21st century, the world moved a head towards the modern education focusing on science and technology. Moreover, the covid-19 pandemic has brought revolutionary transformation in digital education. Most private schools took the initiative to develop digital education in Nepal by starting virtual teaching and learning activities during the pandemic. So, the coronavirus pandemic is the turning point of entering into the digital era of education in Nepal.

Undoubtedly, Valley Public School has adopted technical, ethical and life-enhancing education. Hence, progressive education is fully practiced here.

Progressive education is considered to be an unavoidable need for the present society. If private schools do not follow the trend, they will ruin their hard-earned legacy and become worse than the government schools. What is your opinion on this?

In my opinion, all the government and private schools should adopt the trend of thematic education to meet the present demand of society since we are living in the digital world. So, if our school education does not adopt the trend, we remain backward in the global competition. In other words, progressive education is indeed a thematic education that incorporates knowledge, skills, culture and technology. So, the schools, which can link students with knowledge, skills, technology, society, nature and daily life, can be successful in the long run.

The dissatisfaction of parents is howling as reading and writing culture of students has completely declined since the pandemic outbreak as they had to use a smartphone or laptop to acquire online education. How do you exculpate yourself of this allegation?

I am totally antithetical to this proposition. Students have optimally utilized modern technology for their reading and writing skills. They study using a mobile or laptop connected with the internet. They complete their home assignments and projects online. So, it seems to be just killing the time in a mobile and laptop for the parents. In fact, students have made huge progress with innovative learning with the help of digital world.

In your opinion, what should be the role of school and parents to bring the students to the right path of learning pursuits?

We should be careful about the ongoing activities of the students. They should be well-guided, instructed, motivated and instructed for their further progress. Proper counseling and guidelines are essential.

What are the fundamental features of Valley Public School which are rare in other schools?

Valley Public School was established in 2050 BS with the aim of delivering quality education in the 21st century which has fully adopted the modern global trend in teaching and learning activities. Moral values, life-skills and discipline are given high importance. The school encourages students to be familiar with daily household activities and practical life. We have instructed them to give equal importance to the household chores to make our life practical, easy and comfortable. In addition, our focus is on globally accepted education system that enables our learners to be articulate in communication, equip with moral values and pursue practical orientation.

What message would you like to convey to the parents who are in quest for a right school?

A school is a center for molding children from biological being to social being. It is the gateways to explorations into life’s challenges and solutions. So, the parents should choose such a school which ensures appealing future of their children with holistic development. In addition, physical infrastructures, teaching team, management team and the academic environment are the basic criteria for a perfect school.


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