You have established Fishtail Academy with an aim of introducing progressive education in Pokhara. Could you please tell us more about this education model?

Progressive education is the demand of the 21st century and Fishtail academy is the pioneer of progressive education in Gandaki province. The school has ultra-modern infrastructures and highly skilled human resources that ensure progressive education. In fact, progressive education is such an education that offers activity-based education under appealing infrastructures incorporating life-enhancing skills and cultural practice.

How did the concept of progressive education develop in your mind?

Progressive education is the craze of the 21st century. The global society is in favor of progressive education. Progressive education comprises its own strategy and standard model of teaching and learning. In other words, it is fully activity-based education where learners receive education with ‘Learning by doing’ philosophy. I am acquainted with ubiquitously accepted global trend of education and have felt the need of progressive education in Nepal. There are a handful of progressive schools in Kathmandu valley, but it’s rare to find such schools beyond the valley. So, I embarked on establishing a progressive education in Pokhara city that would foster the 21st century skills in students.

What are the bases of progressive education that ensure quality?

Progressive education has its own philosophy and design. Its curriculum is progressive, teaching-learning activities are student centric, and evaluation system is fair and convincing. This type of education focuses on the holistic development of students ensuring high confidence and skills in the learners. Moreover, physical infrastructures, well-qualified and trained teachers and motivated students are the benchmarks of progressive education.

In the current situation, education with skills, culture and technology has become a trend in Nepal. To what extent has such education system been implemented by Fishtail Academy?

Fishtail Academy has been established with the view to impart progressive education at local level. Our motive is to integrate education with life-skills, cultural values and technology and foster humanitarian sentiments in students introducing them to the society and its members.

It is said that progressive education is more expensive than general education. Are the parents ready to cooperate with you in this regard?

Progressive education is techno-friendly and activity-based teaching and learning. It attributes count as sufficient physical infrastructures, well-trained and dedicated teachers, modern amenities. So, it is naturally expensive in comparison to customary education. Since our education orientation is towards enriching our students with the 21st century skills who will be able to compete in the global setting, our campaign is to disseminate progressive education in every nook and corner of the city. We are glad to have very convincing and supportive parents who cooperate with us wholeheartedly. The parents, who have good understanding of the essence of quality education, are ready to support us. Fishtail School has only 700 seats for this session. So, we hope we will be able to get full volume of students in its first year.

How have you managed the human resources to impart progressive education?

Progressive education is of international standard education. So, we need well-trained and experienced faculty of teachers. We have been conducting a series of training sessions to the teachers, and most teachers are enriched with the experience of progressive education.

In your experience, how is the scope of progressive education in Nepal?

Still, a large number of parents believe that reading and writing account for complete education. They wish their children would learn read and write within a short span of schooling. So, we have to convince them that progressive education is not only the measurement of marks that the students receive in an exam rather it is evaluation of their overall performance.

Now, some parents who are from high educational background and professional fields are considering our step worthy of appraisal. So, we hope all the parents will understand its essence and cooperate with us in the course of time.

What message would you like to convey to the parents and the students as the Founder Chairman of Fishtail academy?

Fishtail Academy is the pioneer institution of progressive education in Gandaki province which has an international acclamation. In this regard, I request all the parents and guardians that progressive education gives your child(ren) all kinds of skills which are the requisite of the 21st century. In addition, I request them to pay a visit to our school and acquire complete information about our activity-based teaching and learning methodologies.


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