Our existing pedagogies should incorporate human values, cultural ethics as requisites for 21st century skills


You have had more than a three-decade long experience of educational practice in Nepal including PABSON programs. Could you please tell us what should be the next level of education impartation in Nepal that best fits in the 21st century value-based education?

The present education system of Nepal is only knowledgebased and self-centric. It could not incorporate humanism, social etiquette, patriotism and courtesy. It lacks life-enhancing skills, civic awareness, professionalism, and respect for labor since it focuses only on imitated culture which is even obsolete in the western countries. Our eastern norms, values, and ideologies have been excluded from our modern educational practice. So, it is inevitable to focus on education that imbibes wisdom, skills and ethics along with technological knowledge in order to meet the demand of 21st century.

You have shared your view on the need of education incorporating it with knowledge, skills, culture and technology. To what extent have you applied it in your school?

We have given utmost priorities to education that embodies technical knowledge, wisdom, skills, digital literacy and culture. We, therefore, have formed various clubs to ensure all these things work literally. Curricular activities are practiced as core course of education and extra-curricular activities are promoted as supplementary courses. Similarly, with a view to introduce modern technology to our students, we have consolidated IT course into our curriculum from grade three onwards. Furthermore, we are in the campaign of launching technical education from school level; however, due to unfavorable government policies, our mission of TSLC program launched has been sabotaged. Apart from this, COVID-19 pandemic has also impeded our mission and plan. Nonetheless, we have not staggered yet, so, we are lobbying with the government to let private sector introduce technical education from school level.

What would be the role of government to enhance the quality of education from school to university level and to create more employment opportunities in Nepal?

Political leadership should be judicious, qualified, trendsetting, visionary and efficient. They should possess clearer and broader vision to discern contributions of private education and acknowledge their significant participation in the enhancement of education potentialities in Nepal. The government should take an initiative to enhance ethical and vocational education by extending cooperation with private sector. The government and political leaders have not still become positive for private education.

In addition, there are several discriminatory policies between private and government schools corresponding to scholarship, operating technical education and many more which should be eliminated and there should be an appropriate environment for investment of private sector. Similarly, educational institutions and universities should be made autonomous and free from political interferences. Each university should be made autonomous to appoint VC and other administrative officials.

You have long involvement in PABSON which is the umbrella organization of private and boarding schools of Nepal. Why has the organization not taken any initiative to enhance education quality and its development despite many potentialites?

PABSON has been lobbying with the government to avoid discriminatory policies between private and government schools. Unless such a stand-offish situation is ended, the assurance of quality enhancement is impossible. So, we still need to work in war level and discourage people to influence our education system with unnecessary political interferences even in PABSON. So, we are making our strenuous efforts to bring educational pace on the right track.

What suggestions would you like to convey to prospective parents corresponding to the selection of a right school?

Brand is not everything, but value-based education is crucial. So, as a principal, I would like to suggest prospective parents and students to choose an institution that consolidates education into life-changing skills, culture, human values, dignity, social etiquettes and ethics.


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