Modern teaching bequeaths a wealth of privileges to learners


You’ve been active in the education sector for the past 35 years. What should education be like in the 21st century?

Any form of education associated with certain skills is considered best. In the context of Nepal, the education system seems worthless to me. A certified +2 student doesn’t know how to apply any of his knowledge to practical life. How is this any good? Vocational subjects like plumbing, welding, sewing, carpentry, and cooking should be given equal priority in grades 8, 9, and 10 so that students can sustain their lives after completing their formal education. Our theory teaching is one of the best in the world, but because we lack in the practical part, we end up ranking behind in educational indexes. A student can contribute to a nation’s development only after the appropriate application of acquired skills and knowledge.

How well are private schools updated with culture, technology, skills, and job opportunities for bestowing on our students all these privileges?

Not all private educational institutes have proper resources for practical education. The government should establish at least one laboratory for practical education in each ward. Be it welding or carpentry, students are rightful to practical activities. I see many private schools joining hands to include vocations in their courses. Being an ISA certified school, we taught basic survival skills for our students under this award which ranged from cooking in our cafeteria to field visits. In a foreign swathe, students are taught these skills from childhood which makes them realize the dignity of labor. Thus, I believe private schools are trying hard to update themselves with culture, technology, skills, and job opportunities for students.

What roles do guardians play in enhancing the projectbased curriculum in Nepal?

Guardians should accept the transition of shifting from theory to practical-based education. The overall development of a child is prioritized in this modern world over academic perfection. The skills they learn in school should be applied at home. Guardians should teach them proper culture while fostering them with social norms and values. As project-based education is slightly expensive, it should be affordable by all parents. Thus, guardians should continuously support the student, teachers, and school administration for the effective execution of projectbased education.

Has the school gotten any support from the local government so far?

The current mayor of this municipality belongs to the educational section himself. He holds a positive attitude toward education and aims to make this school an educational hub. Having said that, local government cannot do much until the government sets strong policies from the apex level. Next, the traditional method of teaching should be updated timely with regular teacher training. Our local government is very supportive, and it is soon establishing a technical lab which will be accessible to all students of Chandragiri municipality.

What features ensure that Bright Future School provides quality education?

We feel gratified when we say that none of our students have ever failed in SLC or SEE. Our students acquire project-based education from our well-trained teaching faculty. We enhance their experience through skills development and international exposure. Germany, South Korea, Japan, and China have signed an MoU with us for group study exchange programs. Our students recently went to South Korea and Germany for an exchange program, and when Korean students visited our school, we showed them most parts of Nepal. Next, we haven’t exhibited the “Admission Open” banner for the past 25 years since guardians trust us enough to enroll their child(ren) in Bright Future School and they are our brand ambassadors. Thus, we promote quality education, and this is how we have built the brand value of our school.

What factors should guardians consider while choosing the best school for their child(ren)?

First and foremost, they should consider the academic environment of the school followed by basic facilities for students. They should also check the qualification of the teaching faculty. Guardians should find out the motive of the school before enrolling their child in it: whether the school is an academic-oriented institution or a profit-oriented business. Schools are meant to be the second home of children, so, guardians should consider all factors before choosing any institution.

Do you want to add anything before we conclude our conversation?

Yes, indeed. For the development of our nation, the skills should be applied in real life and job opportunities should be provided to flourish those skills. No lectures, conversations or procrastinations will contribute to the nation’s development than doing this. The government should set strong policies to witness convincing transformation. Being in the National Examination Board myself, I have addressed this issue multiple times. The curriculum of 2028 B.S. will not lead this country to academic abundance. In Japan, the curriculum is modified every 3 years; we, therefore, should also adopt similar practices in Nepal. The curriculum should be designed based on country’s needs in order to develop skilled human resources.


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