Herald Secondary School has been established and administered as a progressive school. Could you please state the unique features of the institution?

It is true that a strong and trustworthy foundation is needed for building a strong house. Similarly, quality education should be imparted to children from their early class in order to prepare adroit human resources in the future. Students should get a proper environment and activity-based learning from the very beginning of their life who can later achieve a rewarding career. So, early education is the foundation of phenomenal attainments by learners which can be underpinned with the extension of their learning endeavors.

We have realized that the foundation of education of children is the school level education. Therefore, their schooling foundation should be strong and associated with their life-enhancing learning. So, our initiation is to implement hands-on and ethical education with a view to produce responsible citizens who are responsible for their family, society and nation and are equipped with skills, ethics and technological skills. Every child has unique aptitude and learning capacity, and s/he should develop self-motivating and self-learning mindset. We offer education with a motto, ‘Learning by doing’ which is fully supported by technology-aided education.

Nepalese universities have produced only unemployed human resources due to lack of practical and hands-on education. And the modern society expects to receive inclusive education which is equipped with skills, cultural etiquettes and technology. Since school education is the foundation of higher-level qualifications what sort of role does the progressive education play to prepare adroit human resources?

In fact, progressive education is the thematic and activity-based learning which involves students in learning process. This type of education discourages customary education delivery where teachers deliver lectures to students and the students listen to the teachers passively. Therefore, the real progressive education identifies the unique inborn aptitude, and priority is given to learners’ multiple talents. It is an approach that adopts ‘learning by doing’ concept and makes the learners implement their learned skills in daily activities. It not only makes them familiarize with their family, culture, society and the nation also it enables them to reach out to international communities. In other words, progressive education helps learners build a bridge to connect them with cross cultural communities and people.

However, the present curriculum has not connected our students with their everyday life, their socio-economic life, social norms and values. They do not have basic knowledge and skills of plumbing and electricity which should be a fundamental privilege for those students to solve everyday problems. Our single efforts are not sufficient to be fully successful in offering proactive education; thus, the government should be sensitive and responsible while formulating the curriculum. So, our demand to the government is to prepare inclusive curricula linking with skills, culture and technology. Some contents of practical and vocational sector should be included even in the curriculum of general education.

School education has come under the supervision, mentoring and monitoring of the local government in the present context, and the local government has already completed one tenure of five years. In your experience, how do you assess the work of the local government corresponding to monitoring and evaluation?

School education has come under the monitoring of the local government. It has a huge responsibility for enhancing quality education. Mayor / Chairperson has been given the apex position in management, operation, monitoring and evaluation of schools of his/her municipality or rural municipality. But it is obvious that all the mayors/ chairpersons may not have sufficient knowledge of social norms, dogmas, cultural values and ethical standards. So, in my opinion, it will be better to recruit the right person who has sufficient idea about ongoing education system and has understood the norms and values of education in the education department of local government. The person should be well empowered before handling the responsibility of education department. So, in my experience, the local government still has to do a lot for the enhancement of education at local level.

Finally, what message would you like to convey to the parents as the principal of Herald Secondary School?

Herald is an ideal place to acquire progressive education. We have been offering quality education which is equipped with lifeenhancing skills, cultural values and technology-aided tutoring. We ensure a congenial environment for our students to teach them to be responsible towards family, society and the nation. So, I would like to convey a message to the parents that Herald School always ensures establishing amicable cooperation with its valued parents and guardians.


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