You have been holding the responsibility as principal of Laboratory School since 2065 BS. Could you give a brief synopsis and present status of this school?

Laboratory School was established as a demonstration school in collaboration with USAID and Nepal Government in 2013 BS (1956 AD) as the practice teaching and pedagogy development centre of College of Education then it used to be termed “Mahavidhyalaya”. While college of Education was merged with Tribhuvan University, the undertaking of Laboratory School shifted to Nepal Government and till date it is functioning as the separate entity; not associated to Tribhuvan University. The school education of Mahavidhyalaya was shifted to Laboratory School in 2022 BS, and Nepal Education Society was given the responsibility of its management and operation. Since 2060BS, the school has been recognized as a public education trust. Currently, more than two thousand students are satisfactorily acquiring quality education. It has been imparting inclusive and integrated education to all kinds of students including special education for the students with visibility disability. Many students come from across the country for special education.

In the recent days, a wide discussion is heard on the need of education consolidated with skills, culture and technology in Nepal that befits the 21st century skills. To what extent has your institution adopted this approach?

The prime objective of the establishment of Laboratory School is to consolidate education into skills, such as provisions of school inspector and headmaster training, drafting and formulation of curriculum and conducting vocational training for the students. So, the school has given high priorities to skill generating education. At present, our theoretical pedagogies are merged into activity-based teaching and learning which engage students with innovative and reflective project work.

We offer horticulture and vocational education to our students by preparing a local curriculum. Our classrooms are equipped with ICT and technology-aided teaching-learning materials. Our students with eyesight disability are given privileges to use special computer. Similarly, power point presentation and web page designing are thought to be skill generating education which are given special emphasis. Regarding behavioral etiquette, ethical value is given a priority to build up good moral character in our learners. In this regard, we are happy that our efforts have ensured quality and technology-aided education since the school establishment.

How is the perception of the parents towards public education trust?

In the context of our school, the perception of parents is found trustworthy and supportive. The beauty of the school is that it has differently-abled students, especially the blind ones who receive special education. More than 2000 students are currently studying at this school. As I discussed earlier, our focus is on vocational and proactive education. So, we have earned trust and love not only from the parents but also from the society. In fact, public private partnership is the demand of current trend that makes both public and the government responsible. The earning of this school is the earning of the institution, not of any individuals. So, proper management and utilization of available means and resources is the common responsibility of the public.

The responsibility of handling school education has been given to the local government. How is the cooperation and support from the local government corresponding to monitoring and evaluation?

What further assistance do you expect from the local government? The establishment of Laboratory School is for serving the society and the nation. Our existence has eased the work of the local government. So, local government is supportive of us in terms of monitoring and evaluation.

What message would you like to convey to the parents and the students as Principal of Laboratory School?

Laboratory School is a service-driven educational institution which has been working to bring academic transformation in the society. Our special education has given optimal hope to the students who are unable to see this beautiful world. We look forward to kind support and cooperation from the parents, students and the public which enables us to come up with more exciting programs.


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