HI-TECH EDUCATION model can pledge infinite opportunities to learners to compete globally


Could you give a brief synopsis of Kathmandu Valley School?

Kathmandu Valley School was established in 2054 as a tenplus-two campus and it’s been almost 14 years since the school wing was added. Currently, Kathmandu Valley School has pre-school, school and ten-plus-two programs being operated separately. The school has successfully dispatched three SEE batches with outstanding performance.

In the present context, Montessori and progressive schools are gaining popularity in Nepal. Actually, what is progressive school in general term?

Progressive education is a new and advanced approach for learning in the 21st century. It is the education based on learning-by-doing where the students learn through concept, activities and experience. In this system of learning, an integrated curriculum focuses on thematic units and is guided by children’s abilities, which is the concept known as active learning. So, the schools that create a learning environment and offer conceptual, self-motivated, activity-based and meaningful education to all kinds of students, regardless of diverse abilities, interests, and backgrounds are termed as progressive schools.

What are the fundamental differences between the general boarding school and progressive school?

There is a significant difference between general boarding school and a progressive school in terms of teaching and learning methodologies, approaches and content delivery. In a general school, education delivery depends on textbooks, rote-learning and instructional pedagogies whereas progressive education is concept-based, curriculumbased, activity-based, experiencebased and student-centered in which independent learning is given the highest priority.

Education with skills, culture and technology sounds appealing in the present context. In this regard, Kathmandu Valley School is in the campaign of converting it into a digital learning center. How is your experience in this campaign?

From the very beginning, we have been advocating that teachers, parents and students should possess knowledge of technology and digital version of teaching and learning. Our mission is to consolidate curriculum into digital system to connect our learners and teachers with the global world. It is said that the students of present days are native to digital world. So, it is our campaign to make our school completely digital.

Digital system was widely practiced during Pandemic, but later people got inclined to physical education. How do you see the future scope of digitized education?

During the pandemic, digital system of teaching and learning was widely adopted since there was no alternative to this. However, we have never taken it seriously now that an online class can replenish a physical class. In fact, since some lessons are difficult to teach students physically, they require digital method, such as tutorials, power point presentation etc. We, therefore, are in the mission of incorporating digital teaching method in our education system.

How is the support of local level government for monitoring and evaluation?

What do you expect from the local government for the attainment of its goal of achieving quality education? In my opinion, since most of our representatives in leadership position are from old generation they seem mediocre in handling digital version of teaching. Still, the local government has done far better than the central government of unitary system—which had had to monitor schools across the nation—in terms of training, monitoring and evaluating schools. Nevertheless, there are infinite problems looming over the local government stewardship that have sabotaged quality enhancement. Hence, it should intensify its monitoring and evaluation pace more effectively and promote digital education.

In your opinion, why the students should choose Kathmandu Valley School as the best academic destination?

Kathmandu Valley School has incomparable features and broad vision to incorporate education in digital version. We offer education equipped with skills, cultures, and technology. It is the right destination for progressive education that offered under convincing and welcoming physical infrastructures with well-furnished classrooms. The school is run and managed by a team of experts and academicians. In fact, Kathmandu Valley School offers world-class education at reasonable fee structure.


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