The edu fair will excite myriads of students to pursue their higher education in Nepal


HISSAN is set to commence the 7th Kantipur HISSAN Edufair-2022 from 10th Ashadh. In your experience and opinion, how have the fair visiting students and the guardians get benefited from the event? There was no concept of counseling for students 10 years back, and it is HISSAN that first brought this concept. This year, the fair will be organized in two editions: the first edition is for the ten plus-two education seekers and the second is for the bachelor’s degree aspirants. The first edition will witness an exhibition, counseling, scholarship pledges etc. from ten-plus-two colleges, CTEVT and its associates, CBSE associates, and A level colleges, followed by the second edition which will convene PU, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University associates in one platform for bachelor’s level education. The professors, deans of university as well as the authority of Ministry for Education will participate and give facilitate the visitors with insightful educational counseling ensuring international quality education in Nepal. In the first series of the fair, we are planning to invite 100 schools running grades 9 and 10 with a view to convey information about the available courses and their scope in Nepal. The students and the guardians will get detailed information about the colleges and the course of their choice from the fair through the face-to-face interaction. We will provide information about various courses and their scope in Nepal; so, we hope the students and the guardians will get a wealth of advantages from the fair. Every year, the Edu fair brings some specific offers to students. What new schemes are you introducing this time? The program will be inaugurated by the honorable Prime Minister, Sher Bahadur Deuba. So, the opening ceremony and the various activities will be broadcasted live. We will announce the total number of scholarships from all stalls. Similarly, we will announce the scholarship for 1000 students based on their outstanding performance in various extra-curricular activities. It is alleged that the scholarship that has been pledged by colleges is not systematically distributed. What are the reasons behind such an accusation? Officially, every college has to offer a 10 % scholarship as a corporate responsibility which has specific procedures. According to the procedure, 5% scholarship will be given to the students from government schools and the rest 5% scholarship to the deserving candidates. So, it’s a clear procedure for allocating 10% scholarship. In addition, each college pledges internal scholarship scheme which seems to be different as per their programs. The internal scholarship, provided by colleges, is based on their organizational strategy which consolidates outstanding performance of students or their participation in extra-curricular activities. Secondly, there is an unhealthy competition among colleges which has also influenced the scholarship scheme. So, the unhealthy competition among colleges also brings anomalies to the internal scholarship scheme. So, with a view to ensure systematized scholarship scheme, we have declared 1000 scholarships to the deserving students. Similarly, we have decided to determine minimum and maximum fee structure criteria based on the facility and quality offered among the 60 participating colleges of Kathmandu valley, which is expected to bring uniformity among colleges. Similarly, the colleges of outside valley will be given independent right to determine such fee based on their local environment. The HISSAN has not been able to organize such an event outside the Kathmandu valley, which has created grievances among those institutions. How would this event diminish such grievances? The HISSAN treats all the colleges equally since they all are the members of this umbrella organization. Another fact is that most students used to come to Kathmandu in the past in search of quality education. The trend is still there. The competition is obvious among the colleges of Kathmandu valley. However, it is true that there are some acclaimed colleges outside the valley, such as Rampur Campus, Manipal and other engineering colleges which will be invited for the second edition of the Edu fair (for university level courses) which will begin from the first week of Shrawan. How many participants are you expecting in the fair and how many students will be benefited from the Edu fair? We estimate that as many as 200,000 visitors will convene in the fair every day. So, our surmise adheres to the gatherings of around one million visitors in a period of four days. The assurance is that we will have live broadcast of some important events in order to disseminate genuine information to students across the country. You have not been able to bring consensus amid the fair participating institutions in term of stall distribution. Why couldn’t you frame a judicial rule? As many as 60-70 HISSAN member colleges will participate in the fair. SO, we have categorized them as the main sponsor, co-sponsors, and participants. The stall will be allocated based on their contribution. So, we expect not to witness any disputes this year. What message would you convey to the students and the guardians that could excite them to visit the Edu fair? This Edu fair is a grand ceremony for the students, guardians and the stakeholders who will acquire detailed information about the current education system. In addition, the visitors will get information about the status of various colleges, course choices, course scope, curriculums, teaching pedagogies, facilities, and a wealth of scholarship schemes from more than 60 reputed colleges of Nepal. Similarly, they will get career counseling from the experts for free. So, I suggest all the pursuers not to miss this opportunity as this could be a turning point of your academic career.


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