The 7th edu fair will create a milestone in rekindling hope of students in post-pandemic period


The 7th Kantipur HISSAN Edu fair-2022, jointly organized by HISSAN and Kantipur, will begin at Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu from 10th Ashadh, 2079 for four days with the slogan “Excellent Education in Nepal”. The HISSAN could not organize such an event physically in the last two years due to long-lasting corona pandemic. So, this program is the continuation of the previous series of Edu fair. The prime objective of this fair is to disseminate genuine information about Kathmandu-based ten-plus-two educational institutions to desperate parents and students pursuing a right college for enrollment after the SEE. Ramesh Kumar Silwal, the President of Central HISSAN and Chairman of GoldenGate International College, says that the students and the guardians will benefit immensely from the event since the organizers will share relevant information about the colleges and courses through face-to-face interaction. Mr. Silwal has shared his view with College Readers about the fair. Excerpts: 7th the You have successfully completed the 6th episode of Edu fair till the date, and the 7th episode is ongoing. Based on your previous experience, how have the students and parents benefitted from such an event? As per our estimation, more than 60 colleges and more than 200,000 visitors will participate in this fair. The students and the guardians will get a privilege of accruing detailed information about colleges, education system, physical infrastructure, academic environment, subjects offered and their scope, facilities, teaching and learning pedagogy, faculty, management team etc. In this regard, they can choose the most appropriate college which will fulfill their pursuits of quality education. Every year, the Edu fair brings some specific offer to students. What is the attraction for the upcoming Edu fair? A wealth of prizes will be distributed based on daily lucky draw session during the fair, and Kantipur Media will sponsor all the prizes. HISSAN, with the joint venture of Kantipur, has been organizing such a fair every year which conveys an important message to the pursuers of ten-plus-two education in Nepal that higher education is affordable yet excellent in Nepal. To what extent has the fair encouraged such hopefuls? In the past, financially strong and elite groups’ children used to go to India and neighboring countries for school education, but at present, the ratio has decreased dramatically and is limited to nearly 20 to 30 thousand only. Similarly, the flow of youths in pursuit of higher education in foreign lands has decreased since most private colleges in Kathmandu ensure quality education. Therefore, it is a great deal of effort of private colleges in Nepal that they can prepare competitive human resources that can be employed globally. The Nepalese colleges offer education suited with Nepalese soil, its climate and cultural ambience. They have developed the trust in Nepalese youths that their continuation of bachelor’s degree education in Nepal can be both fruitful and rewarding since many students, who have pursued bachelor’s education in Nepal, have successfully competed with their contemporaries across the globe. In addition, Nepalese educational institutions are rich in physical infrastructures, pedagogies, diversified programs, extracurricular activities and activity-based teaching and learning methodologies.


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