7th kantipur HISSAN EDU FAIR Setting Academic Excellence in Ten-plus-two LeveL


Higher Institutions and Secondary Schools’ Association Nepal (HISSAN) is the umbrella organization of private educational institutions providing education from secondary to university level. It has been established with an objective to unite all the private ten-plus-two schools and colleges under the umbrella organization and to witness appealing achievements of students of its associates. In the initial phase, HISSAN was limited in plus-two level education; however, it has been expanded its working area from secondary level to university level realizing the changing scenario in education system. In fact, the private ten-plus-two schools have contributed for achieving astonishing results which consolidate international standard of education in Nepal. They have earned the trust of a large number of students and the guardians in the delivery of quality education. Due to the delivery of quality education by ten-plus-two schools in Nepal, the number of students wishing to pursue higher education in foreign swathes has changed their mindset to stay in their native land.

An educational fair enables students to acquire genuine and appropriate information about their career choices from certified counselors and educationists. Fundamentally, there are two types of educational fair: national and international, and every country organizes such informative and exciting educational fair. The major objective of an education fair is to provide information about a number of colleges from a single platform to the students wishing to pursue their higher education. The positive aspect of the Fair is that students don’t need to visit an individual college, rather they can visit most of the colleges under one roof. They can acquire information about as many colleges as they wish, compare them, analyze and decide on which college is the most apropos for them for higher studies. It is beneficial to the college owners too since it discourages unfair competition that occurs when students visit an individual college. Private educational institutions have played a pivotal role not only in advancing the academic paradigm of Nepal also their role is worthy of veneration as they have been able to diminish the number of students going abroad for higher education. Moreover, private education has generated a remarkable number of jobs that have helped to mitigate the current scenario of unemployment menace in Nepal. To accomplish its motto, ‘Assurance of Academic Excellence’ in Nepal and to provide necessary information on rewarding higher level courses and colleges to the parents and students from one specific place, the HISSAN has been organizing an education fair in collaboration with Kantipur Daily Newspaper for the past eight years with an objective of developing the collaboration and competition among the member colleges.

The first and foremost priority of organizing such a fair is to ensure quality education in every workplace. Gone are the days when students would go abroad and to neighboring countries in the name of higher education. After the establishment of a range of institutions for quality education, this trend has become less appealing for the hopefuls. This could be true the fair provides a genuine platform for academic institutions for advertising and marketing their programs and courses so that students prefer domestic institutions instead of Indian universities that have made less impact on global economy. These days, Nepal has also made a giant leap on imparting world-class education in various disciplines: Engineering, Science, Medical, Management etc. Those institutions have collectively pledged a range of scholarship schemes of around 100 million to deserving students since each college provides scholarships of around 4-5 million in different categories. Such schemes are also available for the students visiting the fair this year.

Every year, as many as 25000 students go to foreign lands for higher studies, and the country has to let around 20 billion go for admission in different universities, which has exacerbated its economic status. So, the HISSAN claims that it organizes such fairs to discourage Nepalese students from squandering money superfluously in the name of higher education abroad and endeavor to establish a set of principles amid our students that Nepal is also autonomous and capable of imparting award-winning education, which is salable in the global market. The seventh edition the Education Fair is set to commence from 10th


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