HISSAN should liberate it from all kinds of stigmas as current leadership looms amid ethical crises-Bhawani Paduel


Bhawani Prasad Poudel, Secretary Candidate

Bhawani Prasad Poudel, the Principal of Jaya Multiple Campus and Manakamana Secondary School, has spent his contributory time in HISSAN for about 10 years. His exceptional performance in HISSAN and other social organizations is enough for bolstering his candidacy for the Secretary of Central HISSAN.

The Central HISSAN has not acknowledged his versatile leadership but has given him false assurance; thus, he has realized no truth in believing them. As a result, he changed his mindset in joining the Central Committee of HISSAN. HISSAN Kathmandu has stood in his favor alleging that postponing provincial convention is a conspiracy for exempting him from being a provincial president. Mr. Paudel has shared his view with College Readers. Excerpts:

The HISSAN Convention of Bagmati Province was postponed due to sudden decision of the Central HISSAN although there were many possibilities of organizing it at the scheduled time. Do you think it is a conspiracy to exclude you from the race of presidential post?

It had a strong desire and claim to be the district president in the 5th Convention.  Most of the colleagues had the same aspiration to see me as president. The legislation made the provision of provincial committee and the central leadership wanted to bestow on me the leadership of province committee in the beginning. I thought that the president of provincial committee could play a coordinating role among 13 districts. So, I accepted the request of my seniors. But the province convention was abruptly postponed, and the date of national convention was declared although we were well-prepared for conducting the provincial convention. It happed because of interest of a handful of Central HISSAN members, which is not good at all. This kind of dramatic change in plan indicates that they are not willing to make me the president. I was ready to go through a democratic process.  

Are there any vested self-interests of leaders of Central HISSAN in declaring the date of National Convention ignoring the importance of district and province conventions? Do you think such anomalous decision has belittled your winning mojo?

I am not satisfied with the abrupt decision of the current leaders to postpone the convention without prior information. The decision has created impediments to my aspiration to HISSAN leadership. I think there may be some hidden interests of the leaders of Central HISSAN to obstruct my way to promote my leadership skills. In spite of this, I have taken it as a circumstantial incident.

More than half member colleges of Bagmati province are in Kathmandu valley and most of them are in your favor. Why do you still think that the Central Committee leaders are creating impediments to your leadership? How do you establish yourself as a robust leader in such a predicament?

In my perspectives, the beauty of democratic practice is to determine the leadership through the popular vote. A healthy competition among the aspirants is the democratic exercise. So, an election is the best way to establish true leadership. I wish to get elected through a healthy competition. And all of us should follow and respect the norms of democratic practice.

The date of national convention has declared by postponing the district and province convention which has obstructed your opportunity to be elected as the president. In such situation, do you have any plan to give your candidacy in the Central committee?

I think the postponement of the convention is driven by the vested interest of few so-called intellectuals who prohibit an eligible person from gaining leadership skills. So, I think there is no trustworthy environment to ensure my candidacy in the province. In this regard, I am planning to declare my candidacy as Secretary in the central committee with the consent of my colleagues. We are creating a wider scenario and more congenial environment to bring mass support in our favor and embark on the declaration of my candidacy with formation of a panel.

You have signposted the situation of giving panel wise candidacy in the upcoming presidential election. How do you assure that your panel can lead HISSAN?

We have a clear vision and mission to lead HISSAN and find gateways to solve our existing problems which are seemingly conspicuous. There is an urgent need of reconstruction of the organization and liberation from the conservative leadership to make it a real umbrella organization. In my experience, there is a group of pompous so-called academicians in HISSAN, many of whom work only for the sake of achieving a post and some seem to be celebrities who occupy the post and show their appearance only at the time of convention. On the other hand, there are some members who always work for the well-being of the organization. Many of them in our panel are in this category who always wish to work for upliftment of the organization and the member colleges. So, we are fully capable of leading the organization towards the path of historic success with a vision.  

Panel-wise candidacy will surely make two diverse groups which will also create a psyche of winning and losing. In such a condition, how would you ensure unity in HISSAN in the days to come?

Cooperation and co-existence will remain opened for us all. We want to restructure the team unanimously. Our main aim is to ensure that there is a right person for a right designation. The leaders who have worked from the ground level and have won favor of the majority of members will surely declare their candidacy for the leadership post. The person who can work by acknowledging the aspirations of the majority of members and has understood the spirit of organization will be given appropriate responsibility. So, we take pride in forming a team who will be accepted by a large number of member schools.

What message would you like to convey to all the HISSAN members attending the National Convention?

First of all, I would like to cordially invite all the HISSAN members from various parts of the country to the upcoming national convention. Similarly, I request all the attendees should raise their voice against improper and ineligible candidates howling in the organization. HISSAN is our pride and honor. So, let’s elect competitive leaders who can unite all the members and fulfill their aspirations, heighten the glory of our organization and ensure achievement of organizational goals.


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