My Candidacy for strengthening PABSON -Purushottam Adhikari


Secretary Candidate

Private schools are facing numerous problems from the past that continues till date. In the present time, we are fighting for our existence. The government has adopted discriminatory and suppressive education policy to overpower the private education institutions. The report of the high level national education commission is totally discriminatory to the private schools.

The upcoming leader should be aware about the problems of private schools and have inbuilt clear vision for solving these delinquencies. In the 15th National Convention, I have put my candidacy for Secretary. I have worked in PABSON for a long time, thus my intuition says that I am capable enough to lead and escort the entire team. I have strong intentions towards the PABSON ethic, vision, mission and objectives as well as be committed to be the Secretary.

My prime responsibility is to help and support the leader who will be chosen from the 15th National Convention and espouse to achieve the PABSON target and goal. I am confident that I will succeed in fulfilling the responsibilities as Secretary scrupulously and efficiently.

I heartily welcome all the respected delegates in the Convention happening in Kathmandu. Similarly, I appeal them to use their intuitive knowledge for choosing the right candidate without being partial. While electing the candidate, we should pick the right one who is driven to handle the crucial situation and bring reforms in PABSON. Private schools are suppressed under great threat in present time. So, if we fail to elect the right candidate, we will have existential crisis.

I request my friends for their genuine support to ensure efficiency, fraternity and timely administrative work in the PABSON. Since I have spent some years working in PABSON, I suppose myself to be eligible for this designation.


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